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Critical Information Studies Program

About the Critical Information Studies Program
Program Learning Outcomes
Instructional Services & Tools

About the Critical Information Studies Program

The faculty of the Cal State East Bay University Libraries teach an evidence-based Critical Information Studies Program that supports students’ development of a critical consciousness about the information universe.

Our program is based on the belief that the Library serves our academic community in formal and informal ways, supporting learning in disciplines and lifelong learning. We embrace our role in student success via instructional efforts such as our department’s credit courses, course-integrated instruction in other departments, standalone workshops, and one-on-one research consultations. We work collegially with students and faculty to meet not only their information needs, but also to foster a culture of critical information literacy: one that values being conscious of how knowledge is created, best practices for research, the social and political implications of information access and use, and the importance of active participation in the scholarly conversation.

Our long-standing Critical Information Studies Program supports the campus Shared Strategic Commitments, especially in that it reinforces “academic quality through open-minded inquiry, innovative teaching, engaged learning, and distinguished scholarship," enhances our inclusive campus, and serves students first.

Program Learning Outcomes

Through participation in the Cal State East Bay Critical Information Studies program, members of the University community will be able to:

Apply information literacy as an essential framework for lifelong learning, including academic, personal, professional, and creative development.

Develop a critical understanding of the social, political, and economic contexts and power imbalances/dynamics through which information is created, disseminated, accessed, and used.

Use and evaluate the services and expertise provided by libraries and other information systems to support their creative and research practices.

Participate in developing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world by recognizing the value, legitimacy, and interconnectedness of a variety of systems of knowledge, including those based on research and expertise from communities, research institutions, and individual lived experience.

Instructional Services & Tools

The Cal State East Bay University Libraries offer a variety of instructional services and tools, including:

Library Information & Research Guides: The Library faculty offer a suite of guides and tutorials providing pathways to finding information on a variety of topics.

Course Specific, General Purpose & Topical Guides

Subject Guides

Video Tutorials

Critical Information Studies Credit Courses: Librarian faculty teach credit courses in the General Education curriculum and, beginning in Fall 2023, offer a Critical Information Studies Minor. Some courses are taught every semester, with asynchronous or synchronous course modalities. Students are invited to register for:

Info 200 - Topics and Applications in Critical Information Literacy (3 units)

Info 210 - Introduction to Searching for and Evaluating Information (includes sections with a topical focus, such as Sustainability, Radio, or Science Communication) (1 unit)

Info 250 - Introduction to Critical Information Studies (3 units)

Info 390 - Scholarly Communication & Knowledge Creation (3 units)

Info 310 - Sustainability and Information Literacy (3 units)

Course-Integrated Instruction: Faculty are encouraged to consult with a Subject Specialist Librarian to discuss various pedagogical approaches to embedding information literacy outcomes in their courses, including:

Co-creating or consulting on course-related information literacy assignments

Librarian-led session on specific information literacy theories/concepts

Co-developing an online or in-person workshop to introduce/demonstrate specific information literacy concepts

Custom information literacy instruction based on the syllabus and assignments of the course

Research Consultations: Individual consultation appointments are available for faculty, staff, and students to work on projects, research, and other needs. As most projects and research needs take time, be sure to contact your librarians as soon as you know you require assistance.

Book a Research Consultation

Meet Your Librarians

Find A Subject Specialist

Workshops: The Library faculty offer drop-in workshops on a number of information literacy-related topics, such as financial literacy, basic and advanced library research, database demonstrations, plagiarism, citation styles, etc.

Find Current Events & Workshops

Library/SCAA class visits

And so much more! Please help us to help your students by reaching out to the Library Faculty via 24/7 chat, email, etc.: