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Materials De-selection Policy

De-selection is the removal of materials from the library collection that are no longer needed or viable. It is a standard practice in managing a library’s collection. De-selection is important in keeping a collection vibrant, relevant, and usable. It also assists in preventing stacks from becoming overcrowded, and helps make remaining materials more visible and accessible.

The Library may, at its sole discretion, remove and withdraw monographs and any other materials (e.g., non-book print items, manuscript materials, electronic resources, analog media and photographs) based on the criteria identified below.

Each library subject specialist shall review, evaluate and de-select materials in their collection areas on a regular basis to ensure collection vitality. Aside from this routine de-selection, other, more substantial projects may be undertaken with the approval of the Collections Committee and the Dean. Disciplinary faculty will be consulted regarding larger-scale projects, or when the library subject specialist deems appropriate.

Materials that are withdrawn from the collection will be subject to all University policies addressing property disposition.

General De-selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to help determine which materials should be withdrawn from the collection. In all cases, the library subject specialist will weigh these criteria against their own subject and collection area knowledge.

Physical condition: Missing pages, unreadable text, water damage, poor paper quality, musty, beyond repair, or other factors that prohibit re-binding.

Superseded editions: Earlier editions not containing unique information or data, unless it provides a historical reference not available in the most current edition.

Duplicate titles: Unless demand exists for multiple copies.

Other formats: Materials available in other formats in the library or online may be deselected, especially when they are low use and not rare.

Out of scope/Superfluous Subjects: No longer relevant to the CSU East Bay curriculum. Item has very little or no apparent relevance to current or anticipated college programs.

Currency: Items that appear outdated based on the subject and scope of the work.

Reliability: Items whose validity or accuracy have been disproven.

Multi-volume sets: Individual items under consideration for deselection should not be removed from multi-volume sets. Either the entire set should be deselected or all items in the set should be retained.

Frequency of use: Circulation and other statistics may be examined. Items that are not in demand may be eligible for deselection.

Consortial Holdings: Low-use items that are widely available via CSU East Bay consortial partner libraries may be deselected.

Please email with questions and/or comments.

Portions of this policy are adapted from the State University of New York, Stony Brook Libraries.