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Institutional Repository FAQ

What is an Institutional Repository?

An institutional repository is a non-commercial, open access, online archive for University faculty and staff scholarship and for faculty-sponsored student scholarship that provides for collecting, preserving, and distributing digital materials. Repositories are important tools for maintaining an organization’s legacy, facilitating digital preservation and scholarly communication, and increasing access to the scholarly output from students, faculty, and staff. ScholarWorks is a shared institutional repository that collects, preserves, and provides access to scholarship by research communities at The California State University. Collections include CSU faculty publications, student dissertations and theses, datasets, and teaching materials. Cal State East Bay materials in ScholarWorks can be found here (please scroll down on the ScholarWorks page to browse by a specific CSU campus):

Who can access my work in ScholarWorks?

Anyone can access your work via ScholarWorks or searching online via a search engine like Google or Bing. This brings greater visibility to your work and makes it more likely to be seen and used by other scholars.

Do I need to create an account and login?

There’s no need to register or login to view or download items.

Who can contribute items to Cal State East Bay ScholarWorks?

At the present time, ScholarWorks is open to contributions of theses and dissertations. Students who are completing their theses now can submit digital copies along with their Non-Exclusive Distribution License to Students who have completed their dissertations do not need to take any additional steps for inclusion in the repository.

We are currently in the process of digitizing retrospective, hardcopy theses. If you would like your thesis to be included in this project, please contact or the University Libraries Administration Office at (510) 885-3664.

Why should I deposit my work in Cal State East Bay ScholarWorks?

Contributing your work to ScholarWorks will increase the visibility of your scholarship because the contents of ScholarWorks are searchable via online search engines, such as Google and Bing. Increased visibility of your work facilitates dissemination of your research and the possible impact of your research on other scholars. Additionally, placing your work in an online repository makes it more difficult for others to appropriate your work without giving you credit. Depositing your work in ScholarWorks also has the advantage of providing a stable URL that can be included on your CV or shared with others who want to read your work. Having easily accessible digital copies of your work available online supports open scholarly communication and advances in knowledge.

Who owns the copyright of my work?

The copyright of your work remains with you, unless part of the work has been previously published and copyright was transferred to the publisher. Depositing of your work in ScholarWorks has no effect on your copyright. Signing the Non-Exclusive Distribution License allows the University Library to deposit a copy of your work in ScholarWorks for preservation and access purposes, but does not affect your copyright.

How do I submit my thesis to Cal State East Bay ScholarWorks?

You need to read and submit a signed copy of the Non-Exclusive Distribution License, found here:

Then send your completed license via email (scanned copy) to or submit your hardcopy license to the University Library Administration Office. You may also mail your signed license to:

University Archives
California State University, East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94542

If you previously completed a thesis and the hardcopy is in the University Library, you are not required to submit a digital copy for inclusion in ScholarWorks. Please contact the repository staff at for more information about the process for depositing a digital copy of your thesis.

What formats are acceptable for deposit?

Please submit your document in PDF for all theses and dissertations.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact if you have questions about the institutional repository or the process for depositing your work.

Please contact the Office of Academic Programs and Graduate Studies at (510) 885-3716 if you have questions about the thesis guidelines.