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Using the Libraries

Connect from Off-Campus

You can access almost all of the library’s electronic databases and their contents from off-campus.

When you are off-campus and click on the link to a library database, you will be taken to a login screen. Simply enter your NetID and password and you will have access to the same resources that you do when on-campus.

If you are having issues connecting from off-campus, please see the Off-Campus Access to Databases Troubleshooting Tips.

Embed a Films on Demand Video in Blackboard

The library's Films on Demand database contains over 6,000 educational videos that can be embedded directly into blackboard courses. To do this,

1. Locate a title you wish to use in the Films on Demand Database.

2. Just under the video you want to add to Blackboard, find the "embed this video" link.

3. Copy the embed code that appears.

4. In your Blackboard course, select Course Materials from the left side navigation menu.

5. Select Build Content–Create Item.

6. Turn the Text Editor slider to the off position.

7. Paste the embed code into the blank text box.

8. Click the Submit button.

9. The video will now appear and play within Blackboard.

Find an Online Book

  • Do a search for your topic in the Library Catalog
  • In the Refine your Results panel, select "eBooks" in the Resource Type section

Most of the eBooks use the Ebrary or Netlibrary or Safari platform. Ebrary will require installation of the Ebrary Reader to view books; just follow the directions. You may call the Library Information Desk at (510) 885-3765 if you encounter difficulties.

Find Streaming Videos

Find all streaming videos

  • Do a search for "streaming videos" in the Library Catalog
  • In the Refine my Results panel, select "Streaming video" in the Resource Type section

Find streaming video for a particular topic

  • Do a search for your topic in the Library Catalog
  • In the Refine my Results panel, select "Streaming video" in the Resource Type section

We also subscribe to the video databases Films on Demand and Kanopy Streaming. You can access these databases in the Databases A-Z page, and search for your subject to find videos that you can add to your online projects or stream in class.

Link to an Article in a Library Database

It is preferable to provide students with the article’s complete citation and the database in which it can be found. However, you can link directly to an article if you:

  • Locate the article in the database.
  • Copy and paste the stable or persistent URL of the article from the URL window of your browser or the article’s record.

ALWAYS provide the students with the COMPLETE citation, including the name of the database in which they may find the article, as links may change or become outdated.

Off-Campus Access to Databases Troubleshooting Tips

Note: You need to be a registered CSUEB student, faculty or staff member to access online databases from off-campus.

For help, please contact us at the Reference Desk at (510) 885-3765 during reference hours.

Troubleshooting tips in accessing databases from off campus:

  1. Be sure to open each database from the CSUEB webpage

  2. Try a different browser (switch from Chrome to FireFox, for example)

  3. Clear cache and history; close browser, then

  4. Restart your computer

  5. If you are at work check to see if your company (or government agency) blocks IP authentication.

  6. Test to see if you can access other database vendors (EBSCO vs ProQuest, etc.).



If you can access a different database vendor, then please contact the Reference Desk so that we can alert the non-working vendor (510) 885-3765.

If the above tips fail,

And, if you can log into other campus systems, such as Blackboard, MyCSUEB, etc., then you may need to reset your netID password.

If you recently changed your netID password (around the end of fall quarter 2013), that password did not sync for the library databases.

The solution is to go in and reset your netID password — again. This will sync it for all campus systems – including the library.

Optimize the Library Website

To optimize viewing of the Library website, please enable JavaScript and turn on cookies in your browser settings.

Print in the Library

Printing Changes at the Library

CSU East Bay changed to a new Bay Card system in Summer 2019. This change affected printing in the library.

  • A new cash station is available at the library
  • You can add cash to your Bay Card at the new cash station, or you can also add money to your card online
  • If you don't have a Bay Card, you will need to purchase a new guest card for $1.00 and add cash for printing
  • If you have money left on a guest card that you received before June 30, 2019, you will need to go to the cashier's office to transfer the money to a new guest card

If you have any questions or problems with printing in the library, please visit the Learning Commons on the first floor of the CORE Building, or contact them at 510-885-4152 or

Print from Your Laptop

Follow the Instructions on the Pharos Print website. If you need additional assistance, contact the Library Learning Commons on the first floor of the CORE Building.

Print from Library Computers

There is a charge of $0.08 per page for black and white, and $0.24 per page for color for using the laser printers in the Library. You can add cash value to your Bay Card in order to pay for your printing at the PHiL station next to the Library Learning Commons. You can also visit this web page for more information about adding money to your Bay Card:

To print your document from any terminal in the Library, Click "File" – "Print" (then a drop-down list of available printers will appear)- select either PIONEER PRINTER B&W or PIONEER PRINTER COLOR and then click print.

You will then be asked to enter your NetID in order to identify your print job at the printer station. You may also add a password if you choose. Proceed to any networked printer station on campus to release your print job. To release your print job, swipe your Bay Card at the printer of your choice, enter your NetID and NetID password, and click Print.

There are printers in the Library on all three floors of the CORE Building.