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I am happy to schedule a course-integrated instruction session with you and your students!

What is a course-integrated instruction session?

Course-integrated instruction can involve lessons on

  • topic development (including the scope of a topic in relationship to the assignment)
  • keywords/search terms
  • choosing the appropriate database or source of information
  • database demonstrations (including advanced features)
  • finding scholarly articles
  • finding books
  • citation overview
  • information ethics/research justice
  • other informaiton literacy topics

Course-integrated instruction works best when your class is assigned a research project (such as a speech, research paper, presentation, annotated bibliography, etc.) and when you as the instructor are fully present in the session. Please feel free to ask questions and otherwise participate during the course-integrated instruction session, as it models good scholarly habits for your students.

To schedule, please send me an email with the following information:

  • The class you are teaching
  • A copy or description of the assignment
  • The number of students in your class
  • How much time you have available (from 20 minutes to 1 hour)
  • Whether you'd like me to come to your classroom or if you'd like to bring your students to the library

Please note: In order to accomodate as many requests for instruction as possible, I need about two weeks notice to schedule a course-integrated instruction session. You might find it easiest to send me an email as soon as you have finalized your syllabus. 

While we would like to be able to accommodate last minute requests, our faculty are in high-demand and are often fully booked with their own courses and course-related lectures. To ensure that your students have access to the library instruction they need to be successful, please schedule with your faculty librarian well in advance. Many faculty forward their syllabi and research assignments and requested date (s) of the instruction session to the liaison for their department before the beginning of the Fall term.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a course-integrated instruction session, please email me at liz [dot] ginno [at] csueastbay [dot] edu.