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About the Libraries

About the Libraries


The CSUEB Libraries inspire students, faculty, and staff to engage in the adventure of intellectual discovery and creation.


The CSUEB Libraries promote student and faculty success by providing comprehensive and convenient access to the scholarly record. The Libraries teach students how to become information literate citizens who will continue to learn throughout their lives. The Libraries serve as a hub of academic support on campus by providing an engaging environment for study and an integrated suite of student services.


In support of our mission, we value:
  • Preservation and Access: Libraries collectively maintain and provide access to an ever increasing volume of scholarly communication.
  • Collaboration: In a networked and interdependent world, libraries must work collaboratively with other libraries and other units on campus to achieve our mission.
  • Lifelong Learning: Libraries teach the skills and provide the resources to transform students into lifelong learners who enjoy the quest for knowledge and self-development.
  • Service: Libraries are committed to understanding and meeting the needs of all of their patrons.
  • Diversity and Social Justice: Libraries strive to create an environment in which all students and faculty regardless of race, class, religion, or gender are encouraged to learn and contribute to social ideals.
  • Innovation: In the rapidly changing age of information, libraries must be flexible and creative to continue to advance the mission of the university.


Information Literacy Student Learning Outcomes:
  • Determine the Extent of Information Needed
  • Access the Needed Information
  • Evaluate Information and Its Sources Critically
  • Use Information Effectively to Accomplish a Specific Purpose
  • Access and Use Information Ethically and Legally; and Understands that there are Ethical, Legal, and Socio-Economic Issues surrounding Information and Information Technology.