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About the Libraries

Concord Campus

The library at the Concord Campus of California State University, East Bay provides access to materials and Circulation services from both the Concord and the Hayward campus libraries, including:

  • onsite resources (print and reserve materials)
  • networked resources (electronic information)
  • paging services from the main library
  • Interlibrary loan

Contact either the Concord Campus Library (925) 602-6725 or the Hayward Campus Library (510) 885-3612 for information.

Filming in the Library

It is the CSU East Bay Library’s policy that all filming, videotaping and photography in the Hayward or Concord campus libraries for any purpose must be approved in advance by the University Librarian or his/her designee. Permission to film is granted on a case-by-case basis and may depend on a variety of factors, some of which are noted below.

The use of the Library for commercial filming (i.e. videography or photography that may be used in advertising or in commercial television, website, or cinema production) must be approved by the University Librarian and the University.

In order to assure that the Library’s and the University’s image and traditions are used appropriately, the following rules are set forth:

1. No production which advertises or promote products, services or programs that are inconsistent with the values and traditions of CSU East Bay and its Library shall be granted access. This includes visual images, dialog, voice-overs or text.

2. No student, patron or employee of the University shall be used in any productions unless an Agreement Release Form is obtained from that individual before their image is taken.

3. No production shall interfere with the normal operations of the University and its Library. The requestor must agree to conduct the filming or videotaping during a time least likely to disrupt patrons. All reasonable safety measures, including taping down of wires and extension cords, must be taken.

4. Any filming or other production can be suspended without notice in the event of an emergency (i.e. fire, earthquake) at or near the production location. Any University property that has been moved during production must be replaced in its original position. If you must move any furniture, please do it at a minimum. Please use masking tape to denote the original position, so that furniture may be relocated. Any books removed from the shelves, should be placed on a reshelving table. Again, the removal of books from shelves must be kept to a minimum.

5. Any damage to University property caused by the activities of the production shall be the sole responsibility of the persons involved in the production and they shall be presented with an invoice from the University.

6. The production will not use the University’s name, nicknames, logos or symbols be used without prior written consent.

7. The requestor agrees to abide by all University, Library, State of California and Federal policies, procedures and laws.

8. The University is released from all liability, claims, suits, actions, damages, settlements and expenses arising out of injuries, damages to property, claims based on infringement of rights to copyright, trademark, service mark or other intellectual property and all other damages in connection with Requestor’s activity.

Food and Drink Guidelines

You are welcome to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks into the libraries. When you do so, please be responsible and considerate of others:

  • Use sturdy, spill-proof containers
  • Keep food and drink away from computers
  • Clean up any spills or crumbs and throw your trash away
  • If you see a mess in the library, please report it to a library employee right away
  • Recycle reusable materials if possible
  • Avoid consuming messy or strong-smelling foods in the library that may disturb other library users

Please feel free to notify a library employee if your study is being disrupted by someone else in the library. See our Standards of Behavior Policy for more details.

Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms can be reserved using the D!BS reservation page.

  • You are required to enter your first and last name, as well as your Horizon email address.
  • Entering false information may result in the cancellation of your room reservation.
  • Study Rooms can be reserved for one hour per student per day and may only be used by groups of 2 students or more.

Each Study Room includes:

  • A white board
    • Markers are available at the Media Resources and Reserves Desk
  • Television
    • Computers can be connected to the television using an HDMI cable, available at the Media Resources and Reserves desk
  • Power outlets

Report any issues with the Study Rooms to the Media Resources and Reserves Desk (Upper Mall / Second Floor).

Library Presentation Room

You may book the Library Presentation Room at the Media Resources and Reserves Desk.

  • Your Bay Card is required at the time of checkout
  • Rooms can be booked up to a day in advance
  • The Library Presentation Room is available from the time the Library opens up to 30 minutes before closing

The Presentation Room includes the following:

  • A white board
  • Television
    • Computers can be connected to the television using an HDMI cable, available at the Media Resources and Reserves desk
  • Power outlets

Group Policies

  • Groups must be 4 or more people
  • The room is booked for 2 hours per group
  • Each group can only make one reservation per day

Lost and Found Policy

The libraries are not responsible for items left behind by patrons. Items left in the libraries may be turned into the lost and found locations at any of the public services desks; Main Circulation Desk, The Learning Commons, Media Resources and Reserves, SCAA and the Concord Campus Library Main Circulation Desk.

Items determined to be of value (i.e. wallets, cell phones, computers, passports, etc.) are taken to the University Police Department daily. Please contact the University Police in person or call (510) 885-3791. Once a week, all remaining articles will be taken from the libraries' lost and found locations and disposed of.


Patrons may inquire about their lost items by coming to any of the public services desks; Main Circulation Desk, The Learning Commons, Media Resources and Reserves, SCAA or the Concord Campus Library Main Circulation Desk and providing an adequate description of their lost items.

Valuable items are taken to the University Police Department.

All remaining articles will be disposed of every Thursday.

Lost University ID cards are held at the Main Circulation Desk for three months.

Hazardous or perishable items are IMMEDIATELY DISCARDED.

Standards of Behavior Policy

It is the policy of the California State University, East Bay Library to provide an environment supportive of the needs of library patrons. Library patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that enables patrons and library personnel to accomplish their intended library tasks in a safe, pleasant, and orderly atmosphere. Staff will take appropriate action when patron behavior causes disruption in the delivery of services.

Library patrons shall not:

  1. Destroy, deface, or illegally remove library materials or property.
  2. Disturb or harass other patrons or staff by (including, but not limited to):
    • Engaging patrons or staff in conversation which makes them uncomfortable, after they have been advised of this fact;
    • Engaging in sexually harassing behavior;
    • Following patrons or staff throughout the library, on the grounds or in the parking lot;
    • Annoying patrons by talking to them while they are trying to read, study or contemplate;
    • Abusing, verbally harassing or intimidating patrons or staff.
  3. Leave children unattended in any area of the library.
    • Children must be supervised by a caregiver, able to attend to the child's safety and ensure appropriate behavior.
    • Library staff does not have custodial responsibility and cannot assume liability for unattended children.
    • If a child is found unattended in the library, staff will attempt to locate the child's parent/guardian. If staff cannot locate a parent/guardian, law enforcement officials may be notified.
  4. Create a disturbance by yelling, running, throwing objects, misusing the library facilities, etc.
  5. Sell or solicit in the library building without the permission of the Dean, University Libraries. Examples of soliciting include but are not limited to leaving ads or flyers on tables or personally handing out​such materials​ to patrons, request patron participation in questionnaires or surveys, ​etc.
  6. Post signs in the library. For appropriate places on campus to post signs, see the CSUEB Posting Policy.
  7. Enter areas marked "staff only" unless accompanied by a library employee.
  8. Bring pets (except service animals) into the building.
  9. Come into the library without being fully clothed, including shirt and footwear, at all times.
  10. Monopolize computer equipment, study rooms, staff support or other library resources. Patrons should follow the rules regarding the use of library resources and the instructions of library personnel.
  11. Use library phones or personal phones in an inappropriate or disruptive manner.
  12. Use bicycles, scooters, skateboards, Segways, Phunkeeducks, or other Segway-type vehicles inside the library. Bicycles must be parked outside of the building.


  1. Failure to comply may result in the patron's library privileges being limited or revoked or removal of the patron from the building.
  2. The Dean of the Libraries or authorized designee, upon staff recommendation, may revoke library privileges for a specified period of time.
  3. A library patron whose library privileges have been revoked may appeal the decision by submitting their appeal in writing to the Dean of the Libraries or designee.

Reporting disruptive behavior

If you are being disturbed by the disruptive behavior of another library patron, please report the issue to the nearest library service desk.

If a patron is exhibiting unlawful behavior or posing a threat of violence to him/herself or others by being verbally or physically abusive, you should call University Police. Any threat of violence should be taken seriously. Err on the side of caution. Dial 911 from any campus telephone or any other phone. Police are available 24 hours a day.

Campus Resources

  • University Police
    Library 1063
    Emergency: 911
    For Business: (510) 885-3791
  • Student Judicial Affairs
    Student Services Building 3421
    (510) 885-3763