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Tabletop Gaming In Our Library: Word Games

This page acts as a hub for all things gaming-related in our library

Word Games

Word games are all about words, whether it's creating them, guessing them, or choosing them! Some of these are games you can check out. 

25 Words or Less: People, Places, & Things Edition

Players: 4-99

Length: 30 min

Difficulty: Hard

You have just a minute to give 25 words or fewer as clues for your team to guess the right words on a card in this special themed edition of a popular game!

Man Bites Dog

Players: 2-6

Length: 10-30 min

Difficulty: Easy

From a handful of cards with words on them, try to construct the most hilarious headline!

Just One -> Checkout Desk

Players: 3-7

Length: 45 min

Difficulty: Moderate

Just One | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Give your team one word clues related to the work they're trying to guess, but if there are duplicate clues they'll be thrown out. 

Knit Wit

Players: 2-8

Length: 15 min

Difficulty: Moderate

Take loops and spools and attach word tags to them, and proceed to come up with words, names, or phrases for each in this unique word game! Then grab the top button from the stack when you're done with your tag answers! Points are awarded based on answer uniqueness and how many loops are around the matching spool!

Scrabble -> Checkout Desk

Players: 2-4

Length: 1 hr 30 min

Difficulty: Hard

In this classic game, create words from your rack of tiles to score points based on letter value and double/triple letter/word score spaces!


Players: 1-8  

Length: 10 min

Difficulty: Moderate

Race against the timer to find as many words from the letters as you can with which ones are face up on the 16 cubes!