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Tabletop Gaming In Our Library: Puzzles

This page acts as a hub for all things gaming-related in our library


Individual or group effort and with no fixed length, puzzles offer something for everybody!

Dog Walker's Puzzle

Dog lovers will have lots of fun with this beautiful 500 piece puzzle by Dowdle Folk Art that depicts a variety of breeds!


These puzzle-like blocks are great for building and creating an endless variety of things. We have the Basic Mix and Grey Scale (both pictures).

Flexi Puzzle

Players: 1

Time: Variable

Difficulty: Variable

12 colorful cubes connected by elastic that can bend in any direction are the basis for 80 different challenges among 4 difficulty levels that develop spatial reasoning. 

Example of one of the challenges


Players: 1-6

Length: 30 min

Difficulty: Hard

Use the hexagonal tiles to make the longest line with the color of your choice!

IQ Fit

Players: 1

Length: Variable

Difficulty: Variable

Pick from 120 different challenges for these 3D puzzle pieces in this solo game that helps develop your problem solving, logical thinking, and spatial insight skills!


IQ Twist

Players: 1

Length: Variable

Difficulty: Variable

Work with the twisty pieces on the board but you can only overcome the peg obstacles by putting the pieces over same color pegs! 120 different challenges to choose from!