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Tabletop Gaming In Our Library: Deckbuilding Games

This page acts as a hub for all things gaming-related in our library

Deck-Building Games

Have fun collecting different decks for these card games! Even though we only have one pack for each, it can still be fun!

100 Swords The Blue Mammoth's Dungeon

Players: 1-2

Length: 30 min

Difficulty: Moderate

In this stand-alone deck to the 100 Swords deckbuilding franchise, combine movement, strength, and energy elements in your deck to triumph over monsters and collect treasure!

Although this doesn't specifically cover the Blue Mammoth deck we have, this covers the overall rules. 

Dragonball Super Card Game

Players: 2

Length: 15-60 min

Difficulty: Hard

Damage your opponents' Leader Cards by reducing their life to zero to win this 2-player game!

Note - May contain missing components.

Star Realms

Players: 2 (for our base game)

Length: 30 min

Difficulty: Moderately hard

In a distant future, ruin your opponents' livelihood by buying cards to get trade points and using those cards to attack your opponent to gain combat points!