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Tabletop Gaming In Our Library: Cooperative Games

This page acts as a hub for all things gaming-related in our library

Cooperative Games

The joy of cooperative games is that it encourages team building - everyone's in it together when the only opponent is the game itself! A few are available for checkout, as noted. 

Forbidden Sky -> Checkout Desk

Players: 2-5

Length: 1 hr

Difficulty: Hard

Teamwork is key in this game that takes you up, up, and away into the sky as you put together cable circuits for a rocket launch!


Players: 1-5

Length: 10 min

Difficulty: Moderate

Work together to defuse all the bombs placed by enemy intruders aboard your ship! But can you do this within a span of 10 minutes? 

Pandemic --> Checkout Desk

Players: 2-4

Length: 45 min

Difficulty: Moderate

You are all specialized professionals who join forces to fight a virus that's plaguing the globe. You must discover cures for all four diseases in play before you all lose to the game (there are multiple ways of this).


Players: 1-2

Length: 15 min

Difficulty: Moderately hard

As kings of a city, you are tasked with preserving the delicate balance of positive and negative dreams. You have to do this by amassing all the city cards before the dream cards run out! 

Wizard School

Players: 2-5

Length: 40-90 min

Difficulty: Hard

Take turns passing tests where you have to defeat monsters!

Just One -> Checkout Desk

Players: 3-7

Length: 45 min

Difficulty: Moderate

Just One | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Give your team one word clues related to the work they're trying to guess, but if there are duplicate clues they'll be thrown out. 


Players: 1-2

Length: 15 min

Difficulty: Moderate

In this solo or cooperative game, navigate a dream labyrinth as you try to gather all the door cards. But beware of the nightmares that lurk in the pathway!