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Tabletop Gaming In Our Library: Strategy Games

This page acts as a hub for all things gaming-related in our library

Strategy Games

Test your mind in these games that depend on skill rather than luck!  A few of these are available for checkout, as noted. 

Chess -> Checkout Desk

Players: 2

Length: Variable

Difficulty: Easy to learn, hard to master. 

If you love both dogs and strategy, you'll enjoy playing one of the most ancient strategy games of the world with this special Dog Artlist Collection edition! 


Players: 2

Length: 30-45 min

Difficulty: Moderate

Build a castle together by using walls and towers and form/claim courtyards to score your own points!

NB: The International version which we also have plays the same as the original but you can combine both sets to make it a 3-4 player game!

Best of the Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

Players: 8-28

Length: 30 min

In this spinoff of a popular game based on the classic Russian game Mafia, each player is given a special role one of whom has been deliberately killed by the Werewolf. Then the other players must find out who the Werewolf is. This version puts together all the characters from all the different expansions so far. 


Khrysos Hunters

Players: 2-4

Length: 25 min

Difficulty: Moderately hard

Gather your team of collectors, adventurers, and treasure hunters to amass treasure with battling, tricking, and stealing from your opponents along the way!

Khrysos Hunters: Ruins of Abetan

Players: 2-6

Length: 15 min

Difficulty: Hard

This spinoff lets you expand the number of players, along with ten new treasure hunters as you navigate the unsteady bridges and precarious cliffs of Abetan!

Robo Rally

Players: 2-6

Length: 20 min-2 hrs

Difficulty: Hard

It's time for the robots who work at the auto factory to have some fun and shine! Navigate your robot through the obstacles, corridors, and threats to get to the checkpoints!

Wooden Triangle Game

Players: 1

Length: Variable

Difficulty: East to learn, hard to win

Also called Tricky Triangle, this longtime game from roadhouses involves putting all the pegs into the triangle holes while leaving 1 hole open. Then you have to jump pegs and then remove the pegs you jumped. Try your best to get rid of all the pegs this way!

What's Up

Players: 2-4

Length: 10-20 min

Difficulty: Easy

Do your best to collect sets of bird cards. Collect the most sets to win, the number is dependent on how many players there are. 

Smash Up --> Checkout Desk

Players: 2-4

Length: 45 min

Difficulty: Hard

Put together the decks of two different factions and use your minions to smash the most bases! There are so many different combinations you can work among eight total factions in this fun battle game. 

Pretty Pretty Smash Up Expansion --> Checkout Desk

Players: 2

Length: 45 min

Difficulty: Hard

In this Smash-Up (see above) expansion pack that can be played as a stand-alone with 2 players, the theme is cutesy with princesses, cats, fairies, and horses!

One Zero One

Players: 2

Length: 10-15 min

Difficulty: Moderately hard

Computer science majors will love this game where you have the exact same deck as your opponent which you play to seize control of lines of code which are worth certain points. Gain the most points to win!

Pyramid Arcade

Players: 1-10

Length: 1-3 hrs

Difficulty: Hard

Pick from your choice of 22 different games in one with the same components. You can pick easy, hard, strategic, and more!


Players: 3-4

Length: 1 hr

Difficulty: Hard

In secret, bid against your opponents to drum up civilian support, claim land, and amass gold and more for the next round! When to get support and when to pick a fight are key in this bluffing game.

Catan -> Checkout Desk

Players: 3-4

Length: 1-2 hrs

Difficulty: Hard

In one of the most popular modern strategy games, you spend different combinations of resources to build roads, cities, and settlements, with the end goal of attaining the most victory points by enacting cities and settlements and other accomplishments in the game!

Tsuro of the Seas -> Checkout Desk

Players: 2-8

Length: 20-40 min

Difficulty: Moderate

Keep your ship on the game board for as long as you can by using tiles to create paths! The last ship standing wins!


Players: 2

Length: 15-30 min

Difficulty: Medium

In this 2-player tile placement game, play all the tiles til the draw pile runs out! The tiles uniquely affect scoring, other tiles, or something else. Win by getting the most points!

Mission to Space

Players: 1

Length: Variable

Difficulty: Moderate







In outer space, use the pulley to cautiously operate your ship and cargo as you navigate treacherous territory with black holes, UFO's, and other obstacles!

Pink Hijinks

Players: 2

Length: 5 min

Difficulty: Moderately hard

In this fast-paced game, move all the pyramids of a single size into the row closest to you, or push them into your opponent's row! But some of this is beyond your control, as the die determines what pyramids can be moved!

Pocket Fundomino

Players: 2-4

Length: 15 min

Difficulty: Easy

Get rid of your pieces by matching them by color and making sure they fit properly to score points! 120 points to win in this travel version of a popular game that's similar to Uno. 


Players: 2

Length: 20 min

Difficulty: Easy

Add one card at a time to one of your opponents' rows. The hitch is that each row has its own regulations determining where cards can be placed, and some cards can change those rules in favor of yourself or your opponent. The goal is to get a row worth 21-26 points after 5 cards are played.