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Tabletop Gaming In Our Library: Party Games

This page acts as a hub for all things gaming-related in our library

What are party games?

Party games are typically ideal and fun for any good-sized crowd. They usually not that hard to learn and the fun often lies in the interaction between the players which can often lead to lots of laughter! Games that you can checkout and take home are noted below. 

Telestrations -> Checkout Desk

Players: 4-8

Length: 30 min

Difficulty: Easy

In this tabletop version of the popular game Telephone, everyone secretly draws a word on a card determined by a die roll. After the sand timer is done, pass your drawings to your left, and everyone has to guess what the intended sketch was. This cycle continues until everyone gets their original sketchbooks back. You don't have to be much of an artist to have fun with this game!

Fake News, Real News - Washington Edition

Players: 2-6

Length: 15-20

Difficulty: Easy

Determine what news statements are truthful or not and who said them in this fast-paced game that helps with political literacy!



I Got This!

Players: 2-12

Length: 20-30 min

Difficulty: Easy

See if you can successfully complete challenges by wagering how many points you'll earn if you can do it in this game that helps develop your motor skills and coordination!


Players: 2-8

Length: 30 min

Difficulty: Easy

Shout out category words for a particular letter in this fun-filled game!

Codenames --> Checkout Desk

Players: 2-8 (teams)

Length: 15 min

Difficulty: Moderate

In this deduction-based game, the spymasters give clues to their team members identify the words on their cards spread out front which represent fellow agents. But beware not to pick up your opponents' cards or cross paths with bystanders or the assassin!

Codenames Pictures --> Checkout Desk

Players: 2-8 (teams)

Length: 15 min

Difficulty: Moderate

Similar to the above Codenames, but this time the agents are represented by images, not words. 

Pictionary Card Game

Players: 4-8 (in teams)

Length: 20 min

Difficulty: Moderately easy

Players take turns acting out a word with picture cards and the others have to guess what they're doing!

Cranium Turbo Edition

Players: 4+

Length: 1 hr

Difficulty: Moderately hard

This party game has you compete in many different kinds of fun activities from sculpting to reading your teammates' minds as you try to beat the sand timer and race around the board to collect one of each kind of Turbo Rally Cards.

Spot it! Fire & Ice -> Checkout Desk

Players: 2-8

Length: 15 min

Difficulty: Easy

Beat the timer as you spot matching items on the cards, with special rules for the Fire and Ice items!

Mantis -> Checkout Desk


Length: 15-20 min

Difficulty: Easy Exploding Kittens Mantis Card Games for Adults Teens & Kids -  Fun Family Games : Toys & Games



Players: 2-17

Length: 20 min

Difficulty: Moderate

List an object that syncs with the words on your cards and start laying your cards down in this fun-filled game

Choose One!

Players: 3-10

Length: 20-40 min

Difficulty: Moderate

Advance your pawn on the board in this fun get-to-know-you game by correctly guessing other players' answers on which of two options is their preference. No bluffing allowed!