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Tabletop Gaming In Our Library: Kids Games

This page acts as a hub for all things gaming-related in our library

Crazy Eights -> Checkout Desk

Players: 2-4

Length: 20 min

Difficulty: Easy

Be the first to get rid of your whole hand in this classic card game where the eights are wild!

See physical game for particular rules. 

Connect Four

Players: 2

Length: ~10 min

In this classic game for all ages, the goal is to successfully get four checkers in a row in some way. 

Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Players: 2-6

Length: 1 hr

Difficulty: Easy

As you move your Munchkin around the board, you might encounter monsters, and then you must figure out its toughness and fight it with your treasures! 

Fish --> Checkout Desk

Players: 2-4

Length: 5-15 min

Difficulty: Easy

In another classic kid's card game, get rid of your hand by collecting 4's-of-a-kind, which often involves asking your opponent for help!

Rules are in physical game box

Barrel of Monkeys

Players: 1+  Time: 10 min 

In this timeless favorite for both solo and group play, link the plastic monkeys together by creating a bigger and bigger chain using the monkeys' arms! Link all 10 monkeys together to win! 

Old Maid/Memory

Players: 2-4 (both)   Length: 5 min (Old Maid) 30 min (Memory)  Difficulty: Easy (both, although Old Maid more so)

Play two classic card games in one collection!

Note - Rules don't contain the particular decks we have but main rules are essentially the same.

Thumbs Up!

Players: 2-6

Length: 10 min

Difficulty: Easy

You have a set of different colored rings, and you must stack them on your thumb according to the order on a card! The first player to succesfully do this wins the card, and it takes 5 cards to win! 

War -> Checkout Desk

Players: 2

Length: 30 min

Difficulty: Easy

Take turns drawing cards from your pile. Highest card wins, and the goal is to win all the cards!

Although the tutorial uses playing cards, the rules are basically the same. 

On a Mission

Players: 2-4 Length: 10 min Difficulty: Easy

In this fun game for kids, you collect treasures which help you collect jewels! After the die is rolled, you must look for treasure cards that match the roll color. If you collect the most treasure cards you receive a jewel! The player with the most jewels wins this game which helps you develop your concentration and reactions skills!

No substantive rule book or tutorial online. 

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Players: 2  Length: 10 min  Difficulty: Easy

Use your hippo to collect the most marbles in this intense game that can get competitive!