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Artists' Books: Books TR-Z

Visual guide to the artists' books available in the Cal State East Bay Libraries' Special Collections

Tremors from the Faultline

photograph of book, Tremors from the Faultline   Tremors from the Faultline

   Call Number: TR654 .K25 1989

Every Building on the Sunset Strip

photograph of book, Every Building on the Sunset Strip   Every Building on the Sunset Strip

   Call Number: TR654 .R872

My Constant Companion

photograph of book, My Constant Companion   My Constant Companion

   Call Number: TR655 .N483 2005

Lickety-Split Slickety-Lick Clickety-Click

photograph of book, Lickety-Split Splickety-Lick Clickety-Click   Lickety-Split Splickety-Lick Clickety-Click

   Call Number: Z239 .K53 1980c

The Penetrating Light

photograph of book, The Penetrating Light   The Penetrating Light

   Call Number Z1033 .H35 P46 1986

28 Days: A Deck of Cards

photograph of book, 28 days: a deck of cards   28 Days: A Deck of Cards

   Call Number: TR654 .N4167 2000

America Sutra

photograph of book, America Sutra   America Sutra

   Call Number: TR655 .D48 2012

Papermaking in Seventeenth Century England

photograph of book, Papermaking in Seventeenth Century England   Papermaking in Seventeenth Century England

   Call Number: TS1095 .G7 T5 1990

Codex Espangliensis

photograph of book, Doex Espangliensis   Codex Espangliensis

   Call Number: Z239 .M68 1998

Razz's Joke

photograph of book, Razz's Joke   Razz's Joke

   Call Number Z1033 .T689 H46 1991

Seasonal Turns

photograph of book, Seasonal Turns   Seasonal Turns

   Call Number: TR654 .N4192 1998

Mountain Dream Tarot

photograph of book, Mountain Dream Tarot   Mountain Dream Tarot

   Call Number: TR655 .N48 2001

Paper from Plants

photograph of book, Paper from Plants   Paper From Plants

   Call Number: TS1220 .P27 1999

calql8r [Calculate Her]

photograph of book, calculate her   Calql8r [Calculate Her]

   Call Number: Z239 .S37 C34 1998