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Artists' Books: Books N7433.5-PQ

Visual guide to the artists' books available in the Cal State East Bay Libraries' Special Collections

Women and Cars

photograph of book, Women and Cars   Women and Cars

   Call Number: N7433.5 .K56 A4 1983


photograph of book, Cow/Lines   Cow/Lines

   Call Number: NC139 .Z35 Z3 1982

Herewith Art the Likenesses of Four Creatures...

photograph of book, Herewith art the likenesses of four creatures extinct...   Herewith Art the Likenesses of Four Creatures Extinct...

   Call Number ND237 .R676 H47 2015

The Twelve Articles

photograph of book, The Twelve Articles   The Twelve Articles

   Call Number: NE539 .M667 T94

Monsieur Dada

photograph of book, Monsieur Dada   Monsieur Dada

   Call Number: PN6010 .M65

Invisible Cities

photograph of book, Invisible Cities   Invisible Cities

   Call Number: PQ4809 .A45 C513 1999

Say, See, Bone

photograph of Say, See, Bone   Say, See, Bone

   Call Number: N7433.5 .K56 A4 1988

Writing on the Body

photograph of book, writing on the body   Writing on the Body

   Call Number: NC765 .D44 1999

Bryen: Dessins, 1959-1961

photograph of book, Bryen: Dessins, 1959-1961   Bryen: Dessins, 1959-1961

   Call Number: ND553 .B975 A4 1961

Geometric Figures & Color

photograph of book, Geometric Figures & Color   Geometric Figures & Color

   Call Number: NK1535 .L63 A4 1979

The Airship

photograph of book, The Airship   The Airship

   Call Number: PN6727 .T497 A38 2012


Poemas Visuales

photograph of book, Poemas Visuales   Poemas Visuales

   Call Number PQ6659 .G45 P6

The David Park Scroll

photograph of book, The David Park Scroll   The David Park Scroll

   Call Number: NC139 .P27 A4 1989

Great Housewives of Art

photograph of book, Great Housewives of Art   Great Housewives of Art

   Call Number: NC1429 .S84 A4 1988

Qing Ming Shang He Tu

photograph of book, Ging Ming Shang He Tu   Qing Ming Shang He Tu

   Call Number: ND 1049 .C4525 A65 1900z


photograph of book, Ithaka   Ithaka

   Call Number: PA5610 .K2 I89 2003

Cent Mille Milliards de Poemes

photograph of book, Cent Mille Milliards de poemes   Cent Mille Milliards de Poemes

   Call Number: PQ2633 .U43 C4

Cinco Metros de Poemas

photograph of book, Cinco Metros de Poemas   Cinco Metros de Poemas

   Call Number: PQ8497 .O5 C513 1986