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Artists' Books: Books N7433.4 .L325-.M67

Visual guide to the artists' books available in the Cal State East Bay Libraries' Special Collections

Three Love Stories

photograph of book, Three Love Stories   Three Love Stories

   Call Number: N7433.4 .L325 A4 1978

Alphabook 3

photograph of volume 1 of Alphabook 3   Alphabook 3

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M34 A47 1986 vol 1 & 2


photograph of volume 2 of Alphabook 3

Kandze Village Bodhisattva

photograph of book, Kandze Village Bodhisattva   Kandze Village Bodhisattva

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M43 K36 2012

Palpung Parkhang

photograph of book, Palpung Parkhang   Palpung Parkhang

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M43 R47 2012


photograph of book, Bad   Bad

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M46 B33 2006


photograph of book, Babel   Babel

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M54 B33 2016

The Egg Queen

photograph of book, The Egg Queen   The Egg Queen

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M67 E35 1998


photograph of book, Tide   Tide

   Call Number: N7433.4 .L42 A4 1988


photo of book, Coma  Coma

  Call Number: N7433.4 .M33 C66 2008

Zig Zag

photograph of book, Zig Zag   Zig Zag

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M35 Z44 1988

Long Slow March

photograph of book, Long Slow March   Long Slow March

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M43 L66 1996

A Repeated Misunderstanding of Nature

photograph of book, A Repeated Misunderstanding of Nature   A Repeated Misunderstanding of Nature

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M43 R47 2012

Lost in Japan

photograph of book, Lost in Japan   Lost in Japan

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M53 L67 1999

L is for Lettering

photograph of book, L is for Lettering   L is for Lettering

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M54 L2 2011


photograph of book, Incarnations   Incarnations

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M67 I53 2003

Joni Mabe's Museum Book

photograph of book, Joni Mabe's Museum Book   Joni Mabe's Museum Book

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M32 A4 1988

Mutually Exclusive

photograph of book, Mutually Exclusive   Mutually Exclusive

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M37 M88 2002

Mammoth Tree

photograph of book, Mammoth Tree   Mammoth Tree

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M43 M42 2011

Rocks, Literati, & Invasion

photograph of book, Rocks, literati, & Invasion   Rocks, Literati, & Invasion

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M43 R63 2007


photograph of book, Affluenza   Affluenza

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M54 A33 2014


photograph of book, Remembrance   Remembrance

   Call Number: N7433.4 .M655 R47 2003