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Artists' Books: Books PS3557-PS3605

Visual guide to the artists' books available in the Cal State East Bay Libraries' Special Collections

Fair Entry

photograph of book, Fair Entry   Fair Entry

   Call Number: PS3557 .O3592 F3 1990

My House I Sweep Out

photograph of book, My House I Sweep Out   My House I Sweep Out

   Call Number: PS3557 .O3592 M9 1989


photograph of book, Reason   Reason

   Call Number: PS3557 .O3592 R4 1983

Up From Lost

photograph of book, Up From Lost   Up From Lost

   Call Number: PS3557 .O3592 U7 1986

Rape Is

photograph of book, Rape Is   Rape Is

   Call Number: PS3562 .A268 R3 1976

The Immigrants

photograph of book, The Immigrants   The Immigrants

   Call Number: PS3564 .A5931 I445


photograph of book, Millenium   Millenium

   Call Number: PS3568 .O86 M5

The hand Correspondence

photograph of book, The Hand Correspondence   The Hand Correspondence

   Call Number: PS3557 .O3592 H35 1991

Oh Great Chicken

photograph of book, Oh Great Chicken   Oh Great Chicken

   Call Number: PS3557 .O3592 O38 2000


photograph of book, Suspension   Suspension

   Call Number: PS3557 .O3592 S8 1988

To a Friend Going Blind

photograph of book, To a Friend Going Blind   To a Friend Going Blind

   Call Number PS3557 .R214 T63 2002


photograph of book, Anotaciones   Anotaciones

   Call Number: PS3562 .O67 A8 2000

Hey Baby, When Do You Get Off?

photograph of book, Hey Baby, When Do You Get Off?   Hey Baby, When Do You Get Off?

   Call Number: PS3566 .I56 T63 1995

The Rain Begins Below

photo of book, the rain begins below  The Rain Begins Below

  Call Number: PS3569 .A5256 R35 2005


Word Events

photograph of book, Word Events   Word Events

   Call Number: PS3569 .H39254 W6 1983


photograph of book, magic   Magic

   Call Number: PS3557 .O3592 M3 1988

Pencil Turns

photograph of book, Pencil Turns   Pencil turns

   Call Number PS3557 .O3592 P5 1991

Tree Gets a Ticket Left

photograph of book, Tree gets a ticket left   Tree Gets a Ticket Left

   Call Number: PS3557 .O3592 T7 1987

Of Cottonballs and Caring

photograph of book, Of Cottonballs and Caring   Of Cottonballs and Caring

   Call Nubmer: PS3558 .E44 O3 1980

The Book of Benjamin

photograph of book, The Book of Benjamin   The Book of Benjamin

   Call Number: PS3563 .A262 B63 1982

To Believe in Man

photograph of book, To Believe in Man   To Believe in Man

   Call Number: PS3566 .I56 T63 1970

Monsters on Jasmine St.

photograph of book, Monsters on Jasmine St.    Monsters on Jasmine St. 

   Call Number: PS3605 .S22 M66 2011