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Artists' Books: Books N7433.4 .N49-.P74

Visual guide to the artists' books available in the Cal State East Bay Libraries' Special Collections

Atlas of Punctuation

photograph of book, Atlas of Punctuation   Atlas of Punctuation

   Call Number: N7433.4 .N45 A85 2004

Did You See What I Saw?

photograph of book, Did you see what I saw?   Did You See What I Saw?

   Call Number: N7433.4 .N49 D5 2016

Drive Schmive

photograph of book, Drive Schmive   Drive Schmive

   Call Number: N7433.4 .N53 D75 2004

A Still Dawn

photograph of book, A Still Dawn   A Still Dawn

   Call Number: N7433.4 .O237 S75 2004

Heere be Tigres

photograph of book, Heere be Tigres   Heere be Tigres

   Call Number: N7433.4 .P345 H44 2000

A Humument

photograph of book, A Humument   A Humument

   Call Number: N7433.4 .P5 A4 1980


photograph of book, Dos-a-Dos   Dos-a-Dos

   Call Number: N7433.4 .P57 D67 2003

I Want a Prenup

photograph of book, I Want a Prenup   I Want a Prenup

   Call Number: N7433.4 .P74 P74 2005

60 Old Trees

photograph of book, 60 Old Trees   60 Old Trees

   Call Number: N7433.4 .N48 S59 2007

That's It: Liquor, Beer & Wine

photograph of book, That's It   That's It

   Call Number: N7433.4 .N49 T53 2011

Spiral Bound

photograph of book, Spiral Bound   Spiral Bound

   Call Number: N7433.4 .N68 S65 1997

The Story of Little Goose

photograph of book, The Story of Little Goose   The Story of Little Goose

   Call Number: N7433.4 .O237 S76 2004

Pen in Hand

photograph of book, Pen in Hand   Pen in Hand

   Call Number: N7433.4 .P48 A4 1996

A Humument 1st Revised Edition

photograph of book, A Humument first revised edition   A Humument, 1st rev. ed.

   Call Number: N7433.4 .P5 A4 1987

The Book of Do's

photograph of book, The Book of Do's   The Book of Do's

   Call Number: N7433.4 .P67 A4 1982

Time's Traces

photograph of book, Time's Traces   Time's Traces

   Call Number: N7433.4 .N48 T56 2012

Fortune Ate Me

photograph of book, Fortune Ate Me   Fortune Ate Me

   Call Number: N7433.4 .N5 A4 1992b


photograph of book, Fortune Ate Me

Domestic Science

photograph of book, Domestic Science   Domestic Science

   Call Number: N7433.4 .O22 A4 1990

Taxonomy of Shapes

Photograph of book, Taxonomy of Shapes   Taxonomy of Shapes

   Call Number: N7433.4 .P344 T39 2015


photograph of book, Unbound   Unbound

   Call Number: N7433.4 .P48 U53 2014

Here Comes Everybody's Don't Book

photograph of book, Here Comes Everybody's Don't Book   Here Comes Everybody's Don't Book

   Call Number: N7433.4 .P67 A4 1984