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Artists' Books: Books N40.1-N7433.4 .B96

Visual guide to the artists' books available in the Cal State East Bay Libraries' Special Collections


photograph of Tropos   Tropos

   Call Number: N40.1 .O795 P9

Hanging Quotes

photograph of book, Hanging Quotes   Hanging Quotes

   Call Number N7433.3 .H36 2011


photograph of Purgatoys   Purgatoys

   Call Number: N7433.3 .P87 2001


photograph of Airplayers   Airplayers

   Call Number: N7433.4 .A47 A4 1990


photograph of book, Darkroom   Darkroom

   Call Number N7433.4 .A784 D37 2000

Binary Shift

Photograph of Binary Shift   Binary Shift

   Call Number: N7433.4 .A75 B56 2005


photograph of Loom   Loom

   Call Number: N7433.4 .B38 A4 1989

One Strange Night...

Photograph of the cover of One Strange Night...   One Strange Night...

   Call Number: N7433.4 .B58 O54 2004

Will They Remember?

photograph of book, Will they Remember?   Will They Remember? 

   Call Number: N7433.4 .B87 W55 2010


photograph of Unbuttoned   Unbuttoned

   Call Number: N7433.3 .B88 2005

Tommaso Durante: Visio Mundi

Photograph of Visio Mundi   Tommaso Durante: Visio Mundi

   Call Number N7433.35 .I8 D87 1999

Luftperspektive Aerial View

photo of book, Luftperspektive Aerial View  Luftperspektive Aerial View

  Call Number: N7433.3 .L65 2012

3 Poems

photograph of 3 poems   3 Poems

   Call Number: N7433.4 .A56 A15x 2003

ABC de Correspondance

ABC de Correspondance   ABC De Correspondance

   Call Number N7433.4 .A42 B8 1986


photograph of Haiku   Haiku

   Call Number: N7433.4 .A595 H35 2003


photograph of Notice   Notice

   Call Number: N7433.4 .A784 N68 2012

The Key to Happiness

Photograph of the Key to Happiness   The Key To Happiness

   Call Number N7433.4 .B455 K4 1998


Photograph of the Key to Happiness


Exit the Face

Photograph of cover of Exit the Face   Exit the Face

   Call Number: N7433.4 .B68 A4 1982

Flight Patterns

photograph of flight patterns   Flight Patterns

   Call Number: N7433.3 .F65

An Exquisite Future

photograph of An Exquisite Future   An Exquisite Future

   Call Number: N7433.35 .U6 E97 2014

Invocation of Water Spirits

photograph of Invocation of Water Spirits   photograph of Invocation of Water Spirits




Invocation of Water Spirits

Call Number: N7433.4 .A73 I58 2005

Deconstructing Elsie

photograph of Deconstructing Elsie   Deconstructing Elsie

   Call Number: N7433.4 .A85 D4 2014

Contemporary Art

photograph of cover of Contemporary Art   Contemporary Art

   Call Number: N7433.4 .B765 C65 2006

Career Options

photograph of cover of Career Options   Career Options

   Call Number: N7433.4 .B8 A4 1985

Scientific Theories Once Widely Believed, Since Proven Wrong

   Scientific Theories Once... photograph of Scientific Theories Once Widely Believed, Since Proven Wrong 

   Call Number: N7433.4 .B96 S34 2013