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Artists' Books: Books N7433.4 .H354-.K76

Visual guide to the artists' books available in the Cal State East Bay Libraries' Special Collections

I Feel Like a New Woman

photograph of book, I feel Like a New Woman   I Feel Like a New Woman

   Call Number: N7433.4 .H354 I34 2002

Crystal's 2000

photograph of book, Crystal's 2000   Crystal's 2000

   Call Number: N7433.4 .H36 C79 2000

A is for Aliens

Photograph of book, A is for Aliens   A is for Aliens

   Call Number: N7433.4 .H6575 A37 2012

Brandenburger Tor Weltfrage

photograph of book, Brandenburger Tor Weltfrage   Brandenburger Tor Weltfrage

   Call Number: N7433.4 .I45 A4 1982

Pistol Pistil

photograph of book, Pistol Pistil   Pistol Pistil

   Call Number: N7433.4 .K34 P4 1997

The Moon on the Porch

photograph of book, The Moon on the Porch   The Moon on the Porch

   Call Number: N7433.4 .K437 A72 1986


photograph of book, Spaghettiana   Spaghettiana

   Call Number: N7433.4 .K76 A4 1976

Beaut.e (CODE)

photograph of book, Beaut.E   Beaut.e (CODE)

   Call Number: N7433.4 .H357 B4 2002

On the Dream Side

photograph of book, On the Dream Side   On the Dream Side

   Call Number: N7433.4 .H4525 O6 2014

Fresnel's Tower

photograph of book, Fresnel's Tower   Fresnel's Tower

   Call Number N7433.4 .H62 F74 1997

2 Shells

Photograph of book, 2 Shells   2 Shells

   Call Number: N7433.4 .H46 T88 1996

The Black Hole

photograph of book, The Black Hole   The Black Hole

   Call Number: N7433.4 .J33 B58 2003

Deep in the Territory

photograph of book, Deep in the Territory   Deep in the Territory

   Call Number: N7433.4 .K38 D44 1998


photograph of book, Strokephone   Strokephone

   Call Number: N7433.4 K47 S77 2014

Hanging Quotes

photograph of book, Hanging Quotes   Hanging Quotes

   Call Number: N7433.3 .H36 2011

Fifty Women

photograph of book, Fifty Women   Fifty Women

   Call Number: N7433.4 .H46 F56 1995

Three Kisses

photograph of book, Three Kisses   Three Kisses

   Call Number: N7433.4 .H62 T48 2003


photograph of book, Worldwise   Worldwise

   Call Number: N7433.4 .J662 W65 2003


photograph of book, Expurgated   Expurgated

   Call Number: N7433.4 .K428 E9787 2013

Circus Turn

photograph of book, Circus Turn   Circus Turn

   Call Number: N7433.4 .K48 C57 1994