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Looking for sheet music to perform? Recordings to listen to? Books and articles about music or a related topic? This libguide will help!

I want to find a song for voice and piano or a piece for choir.

The printed music in the CSU East Bay Library collection uses the Library of Congress call number system all beginning with the letter M. The printed music is generally arranged by the performance ensemble. That means that you can browse Bach cantatas by looking at the music with call numbers beginning M 2020 .B…. 

Here's a general guide to vocal solo and ensemble music call numbers:

  • vocal/choral music with secular texts are in M1497-M1998
  • vocal/choral music with sacred texts are in M1999-M2199

Here's a more detailed list:

  • M1497 collections (e.g. Italian arias)
  • M1500-M1527.8 dramatic music (that's the term for Operas)
  • M1528-M1529.5 music with secular text for two or more solo voices (some with piano accompaniment, some for voices and instrumental ensemble)
  • M1530-M1609 choruses with secular texts (e.g., Samuel Barber's To be sung on the water for four-part women's chorus)
  • M1611-M1624.8 music with secular text for one solo voice (e.g. Cateloube's Chants d'Auvergne for medium voice and orchestra [arr. for voice and piano]
  • M1625-M1626 recitations with music (e.g. William Walton and Edith Sitwell's Facade)
  • M1627-M1853 folk, national, and ethnic music (e.g., folksongs from China)
  • M1900-M1985 songs of specific groups or on specific topics (e.g., work songs like sea shanties)
  • M1990-M1998 secular vocal music for children (e.g., singing games for children)
  • M1999 collections of music with sacred texts (e.g., a collection of choruses from Brahm's sacred music)
  • M2000-M2007 dramatic music (that's the term for Oratorios such as Handel's Messiah)
  • M2010-M2017.6 choral services (e.g., Monteverdi's Marian Vespers 1610 or Bach's Mass in b minor)
  • M2018-M2019.5 music with sacred text for two or more solo voices (e.g., Arvo Pärt's Stabat Mater)
  • M2020-M2105.5 choruses with sacred texts (e.g., Bach's Cantatas)
  • M2102-2114.8 music with sacred text for one solo voice (Ned Rorem's setting of the Lord's Prayer for medium voice and organ)
  • M2115-M2146 hymnals (i.e. books of music to be sung by congregations in worship services)
  • M2147-2188 music for liturgy and ritual (e.g., the Liber usualis collection of plainchant [sometimes called "Gregorian chant"])
  • M2190-M2196 sacred vocal music for children (Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
  • M2198-M2199 popular religious and devotional music (e.g., hymns for use in "revival" services)