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Looking for sheet music to perform? Recordings to listen to? Books and articles about music or a related topic? This libguide will help!

Expand your searches with Google Scholar

Add the csueb library as a library in your Google Scholar searches - this helps pull up articles that we might have in the library or point you to resources you can request using Interlibrary Loan (ILL) - This service is free of charge to you to get pdfs or the books/items through the library with your csueb student, faculty, staff affiliation.

To find scholarly articles using Google, use Google Scholar. Be sure to edit your Google Scholar Settings to turn on a feature to check if Google Scholar results are available in the CSUEB Library databases. To do this, in the Library Links area of Google Scholar Settings, search for East Bay, and select the CSUEB options. Click save, and then you will see the "Find it @ CSUEB" link when you search for articles.

Looking for articles about music topics

Use KEY WORDS when you search. If your question is, "How is music used in in Japanese Shinto religious rituals?" use the key words from that question:

music Shinto ritual if you want more results, use just music Shinto. We don't need to specify "Japanese" because Shinto is a Japanese religion. 

Look for articles on music and related topics in the Database A-Z. The databases I find most helpful are:

  • Oxford Music Online (aka The New Grove Dictionary of Music) [THE English language encyclopedia of music.]
  • Academic Search Complete (It's wise to limit your search to "scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals" by checking the box for those. 
  • RILM (a database that focusses on music topics)
  • JSTOR (for many academic music journals)
  • IPA Source (for texts, pronunciation guides, and translations of lyrics for art songs)
  • Google Scholar (go through our Databases A-Z for best result in getting to the full text.)
  • Anthropology Plus (very good for topics in ethnomusicology and music in various cultures in the world.)
  • Historical Abstracts (for music in the context of world and American history, e.g., election campaign songs)
  • CINAHL (for music therapy and music in the health professions)
  • Ethnic Newswatch (for music in the context of particular ethnic groups, e.g., Gospel music in African American churches)
  • ACM Portal and IEEE Digital Library (for computer music, including use of software for teaching and learning music)