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Looking for sheet music to perform? Recordings to listen to? Books and articles about music or a related topic? This libguide will help!

What are you looking for?

What do you call the musical notation on paper that we musicians use when we perform? "sheet music" (because it's printed on sheets of paper); "printed music" (because it's not an audio or video recording); "scores" (and if you do, you probably are a musician). When you need music to read/learn when you perform or for study in music history or theory courses, I recommend using the Advanced Search feature. To do that click on the link for Advanced Search immediately below the search box in the middle of the page.

1. Enter keywords like, Beethoven in the first line and Symphony in the second. Then, click in the Material Type and scroll down to Scores, then click SEARCH. 

 2. The list you get includes printed scores as well as online scores. In the column on the left you can click on "Full Text Online" to see only items that are online only. Click on "Held in Library" to see physical items.