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Looking for sheet music to perform? Recordings to listen to? Books and articles about music or a related topic? This libguide will help!

I want to find a jazz chart.

I'll be honest with you, this is tricky! You can do a word search on Jazz in the CSU East Bay Library Catalog and then "Modify the Search" to limit the results to "Music-Printed." That gets some method books as well as charts. If you are looking for a particular jazz chart, please contact me, Tom Bickley, using the information on the right of this page. Alternatively, it's always good to check with Prof. Mitch Butler, Director of Jazz Studies in the CSU East Bay Music Department. You can email him at

Even with that confession, you may find our Fake Books very helpful (What's a "Fake Book"? A collection of lead sheets for pop songs that you can use to "fake" a good performance of the music.)

Best of the Beatles: for keyboards, melody instruments, guitar, vocal Book Stacks M1741.18 .B323

Columbia's Collosal Fake Book: more than 1000 songs Book Stacks M1630.18 .C66

First Time Ever: 650 outstanding songs available for the first time in a fake book collection Book Stacks M 1630.18 .F6

The Performer's Complete Fake Book Book Stacks M 1630.48 .P28

This Is the Ultimate Fake Book Book Stacks M 1630.T45 volumes 1 and 2