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Online Tabletop Games @CSUEB: Word and Drawing Games

Learn about tabletop gaming options for playing with friends online.

What are word and drawing games?

Word games range from those where players are arranging letters to create words, or where players are coming up with words to fit a prompt like a crossword or Scattegories, or games where players try to get their team to guess their word. 

Drawing games put players' artistry skills to work! Usually, other players look at your drawing to try and guess your prompt. 

Gaming YouTube Channels

Word Games

Articulate! 2 or more players: ~1 hr: Play Online at Drumond Park. Demo is here

Describe a word without revealing what it is, but you must beat the timer! Online version only has cards and no other components. 

Bananagrams : 1-8 players : ~15 minutes : Play Online at Bananagrams Online

Bananagrams is a fast game that is constantly changing and challenging! In this game be the first person to successfully arrange all your tiles into a crossword grid. 

Boggle : 1-8 players : ~10 minutes : Play Online at eWord Challenge

You have a 3 minute time crunch in Boggle to find as many words as you can by connecting letters in a 4x4 grid!

Fishbowl : 2-4 players : ~30 minutes : Play Online at FishBowl

Fishbowl is similar to charades but as players get through each round the clues or cues they can give their team get harder! 

Hey Robot: 2 or more players: 20-30 min. Play Online at Play Hey Robot. Rules and embedded YouTube tutorial on site.

Get your smart speaker to blurt out a particular word!


One Word : 3+ players : ~20 minutes : Play Online at One Word

This is an online adaption of the game Just One. Give your team one word clues related to the work they're trying to guess, but if there are duplicate clues they'll be thrown out. 

Scattergories : 2-6 players : ~30 minutes : Play Online at Scattergories Online

List as many words as you can for the prompts that begin with a certain letter before the time runs out!

Scrabble : 2-4 players : ~90 minutes : Play Online Here

In Scrabble you're carefully placing your letter tiles on a board to create high-scoring words.

Snatch : 2 or more players: ~45 minutes. Play Online at

Snatch words that you see in the tiles.

Taboo : 4-10 players : ~20 minutes : Play Online at Play Taboo

Get your team to guess the target word without using the most obvious clues, which are Taboo to say!

Drawing Games

Pictionary : 3-16 players : ~10 minutes : Play Online at Skribbl

In this drawing game you'll guess what team members are drawing to earn points to win!


Telestrations : 4-8 players : ~20 minutes : Play Online at Draw Phone

This is like the classic game of telephone, but using your drawing skills! Guess what they drew, then draw what they guessed and see how your original word morphs into something new. 


Game descriptions, play times, and player numbers are adapted from Board Game Geek.

Disclaimer: videos may include explicit language