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Online Tabletop Games @CSUEB: Strategy Games

Learn about tabletop gaming options for playing with friends online.

What are strategy games?

Strategy games encompass a wide variety of options, from board games to card games to tile placement, but all rely on one's reasoning and individual decision making rather than luck or circumstance. 

Gaming YouTube Channels

Strategy Games


Carcassonne: 2-6 players : 30-45 minutes. Play online at Concarneau

Build cities, roads, cloisters, and farms in this popular tile placement game that has Meeples. 

Catan: 3-4 players: ~1 hr : Play Online here

Build settlements and cities to gain the most points using different types of resources.

Chess: 2 players: Varied time: Play Online at

In this ancient game, two players battle to capture the other's king.

Citadels: 2-7 players: ~20-60 minutes. Play Online at Herokuapp. Rules included

Take on a character role to amass gold and construct buildings.

                               Onitama: 2 players: 15-20 min: Play Online at Lannysport

Guide your followers to defeat your opponent in this abstract game recommended for chess fans.

Railroad Ink: 1 or more Players: 20-30 minutes: Play Online at Github

Draw train routes on your boards to connect exits for points, but make sure not to leave anything incomplete!


Risk: 2-6 Players: ~2hrs: Play online with customizable maps/rules at Warzone

Vie for global domination in the arguably most popular war game.

Stratego: 2 Players: ~45 minutes: Play Online at

                                           Tak: 2 Players: 20-60 min: Play Online at Play Tak

Create a road from one edge of the board to the other with your stones!