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Online Tabletop Games @CSUEB: Virtual Board Games

Learn about tabletop gaming options for playing with friends online.

Board Games

There are A LOT of board games available for you to play! This page is a roundup of just some of the games available to play online, either solo, or with a group.  If you're not sure which game to start with, check out some of the videos on the home page of this guide. 

Online Board Game Platforms

These sites allow you to access multiple board game titles.  For most of these sites you'll need to create an account and login to access the various games on the site. 

Board Game Arena

When you go to Board Game Arena you'll have access to over 300 different board games for hours of entertainment online! 

                                                                 Board Space

Board space allows you to play various games for free, online or offline as well as on you computer or mobile. 


This is a German site, but there are over 60 popular games available, including 7 Wonders. 

Happy Meeple

On this site you have to option to play as a guest instead of creating a log in. There are solo games, and also two player games you can challenge friends in, play others online, or play the website's robots. 


Pogo allows you to play multiplayer games online.  You have the option to play head-to-head with friends, or other Pogo players. 


This board game platform allows you to choose from over 1,500 board games to play.  Discover a new favorite board game on this site. 


On this site you have the option to play as a guest, and can choose from over 150 games online!

Board Games Online

Acquire : 2-6 players : ~ 90 minutes : Play Online at

Build hotel chains and buy stock to become the wealthiest player in the game. 

Agricola : 1-5 players : ~30-150 minutes : Play Online at Play Agricola 

Grow your farm to harvest and prosper in this game.

Catan : 3-4 players : ~90 minutes : Play Online at Colonist

Collect and trade resources to build up the island of Catan on this site. 

Diplomacy: 2-7 players: ~ 6 hrs: Play Online at Backstabbr

In Europe before World War I, seven countries compete for power by negotiation.


Dominion : 2-4 players : ~30 minutes : Play Online at Dominion Online

Acquire the most valuable lands by building your deck with treasure and power cards. Create a login to access the game on the site. 

Dominoes : 2-10 players : ~30 minutes : Play Online at Dominoes

A timeless classic where you place matching tiles to get rid of your tiles first. 

Go : 2 players : ~30 minutes : Play Online at Online Go

One of the oldest board games! The main object is to create boundaries and territories on the board. 

Monopoly : 2-8 players : ~90 minutes : Play Online at Webopoly

In this real estate game, there's only one goal-don't run out of money first!

Monopoly Deal : 2-5 players: ~15 minutes: Play Online at PlayMDeal

Collect a monopoly in this fast-paced spinoff


Quiplash : 3-12 players : ~30 minutes : Play Online at Qwiq Wit

Use your quick wit to come up with the best responses to prompts in this free game!

Set : 1+ players : ~ 15 minutes : Play Online at Set With Friends

Race against others to find sets of 3 in the 12 cards laid out, play with others on the site or by yourself. 

Uno : 2-10 players : 30 minutes : Play Online at Uno Freak

In this card game the goal is to get rid of your cards first. But watch out for other players hitting you with a plus 2!

                    Wits & Wagers: 2-7 Players: ~25 minutes: Play Online at Mind Blast Games

Write guesses to questions that will be bet on.


Game descriptions, play times, and player numbers are adapted from Board Game Geek.

Disclaimer: videos may include explicit language