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Online Tabletop Games @CSUEB: Deduction Games

Learn about tabletop gaming options for playing with friends online.

What are deduction games?

Deduction games are where players have to use logic to get to the correct answer, this might look like completing an investigation and collecting clues to complete a mission!  This also includes social deduction games where players have certain roles and the group has to uncover who is who.

Gaming YouTube Channels

Deduction Games

Balderdash: 2 or more players: Play online here

In this version of a popular game, see if you can get the majority of votes for your own definition of a word!

Codenames : 4-8 players : ~15 minutes : Play Online at Codenames

In this fun team-based game, each team has a leader who is giving clues to get their teammates to guess a set of words! 


Decrypto : 4-8 players : ~15-45 minutes : Play Online at Decrypto

You have to crack your teams code first in the game to win! But, you have to solve your code before their opposing team or before they intercept your teams coded messages.

Fugitive : 2 players: ~ 10 minutes: Play Online at Fowers

In this game, a fugitive is trying to flee town with an agent in pursuit. The fugitive plays cards and the agent tries to guess them.


Hanabi : 2-5 players : ~25 minutes : Play Online at Hanab Live

Hanabi is a cooperative game, where players help each other create the perfect fireworks display by giving clues to put each other's tiles in the right order. 

Liar's Dice : 2-10 players : ~15-30 minutes : Play Online at Fun Node

In Liar's Dice, bluffing is key to winning! Each player starts with 5 dices and every round your goal is to not lose a dice by being caught in a lie, or by calling someone on their lie and being wrong. 

Skull : 3-6 players : ~15-45 minutes : Play Online at Skull

This bluffing game has players try to turn over only roses, and the player who feels like they can find the most roses and successfully turns them over wins!


The classic number game has a few different online spinoffs!

Sniper, where 2 players simultaneously try to solve the same puzzle! 

UsDoku, where you strive to be the first to solve a block to score the most points!


Wavelength : 4-12 players : ~30-45 minutes : Play Online at Longwave

Wavelength is a game that tests each team's mind reading abilities as they try to guess how players rate a word on a scale.  The closer you get to the right spot on the scale the more points you earn! 


Social Deduction Games

 Avalon: Players 5-10 : ~30 minutes : Play Online at Net Games or 

Avalon is a social deduction game where secret evil characters are trying to deceive the group to stop their quest for the Holy Grail! 


Coup : 2-6 players : ~15 minutes : Play Online at Coup Online 

When playing Coup the key is to keep your influence in court! Throughout the game your character must bluff their way to victory of being the last head of the family not to be exiled. 


Deception: Murder in Hong Kong : 4-12 players : ~20minutes : Play Online Here 

This game of deduction has players investigate forensic evidence to solve a murder, but the murderer is also investigating! 

Love Letter : 2-4 players : ~20 minutes : Play Online at Net Games

The goal of this card game is to get the princess your love letter, while blocking everyone else's. 

Mafia : 7-22 players : ~30 minutes : Play Online at Mafia

Each player is has a secret role with either the town or the mafia and must figure out who's on each side before the mafia wins. 

One Night Ultimate: Werewolf : 3-22 players : ~10 minutes : Play Online at Net Games

This fast paced bluffing game pits player's characters against each other as the group tries to figure out who the werewolf in the group is before time is up!

Resistance: 5-10 players : ~ 30 min : Play Online at Pro Avalon or Snakeout (You Tube tutorial embedded in link)  

Stake out the spies in this party game where destroying the empire is the ultimate goal! Very similar to Avalon. 


Spyfall : 3-8 players : ~15 minutes : Play Online at Net Games

In this deduction game you're trying to find the spy in the group by asking very careful questions so no one picks you!


Game descriptions, play times, and player numbers are adapted from Board Game Geek.

Disclaimer: videos may include explicit language