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Citation Styles

Guide to creating citations correctly and avoiding plagiarism.

Identifying Resource Types

In order to properly cite a source you first need to identify what type of source it is. No matter which citation style you are using, there are different methods for citing books, journal articles, websites, etc. Differentiating between types of resources accessed online is a common challenge. Below are some quick tips on identifying resource types. For a more in-depth look at how to recognize different types of sources online, see the guide to Identifying Information Sources Online

Book - link to example

  • The publication information includes a geographic place (for print books) and publisher name
  • The publication date is usually only listed as a year
  • There is an ISBN number listed

Journal Article - link to example

  • There is an article title and a journal title in the publication information
  • There is a volume and issue number
  • Contains a bibliography / reference list

Magazine Article - link to example

  • Publication date usually includes day, month and year
  • It may include more images, photographs and different fonts than other source types
  • Does not usually include a bibliography

Newspaper article - link to example

  • Publication date usually includes day, month and year
  • In print newspapers, page numbers are often preceded by a letter
  • Does not usually include a bibliography

Website - link to example

  • Often lacks authorship or publication information
  • Check the url; make sure the page you are viewing is not part of an online newspaper or journal
  • Just because you are accessing a resource online does not mean it is cited as a webpage

Using the Libraries Website to Identify Resource Types

If the source you are trying to cite can be found using the libraries' website's OneSearch; determining the type is easy. In your search results list, the resource type will appear in gray above the source title. Below is an example search for citation that includes results for a book, book chapter and journal article.


Video guide to determining source type from the Seminole State Library