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Library Self-Guided Tour

Mobile-optimized version of the library's self-guided tour

upper mall: quiet study banner

Upper Mall: Quiet Study Floor

map showing quiet areas of Upper Mall

The Upper Mall (aka Second Floor) is the Quiet Study Floor of the library. You can use this floor for individual study using one of our many study cubicles. Please set your phone to silent and use headphones with the audio and video set to a low volume to respect everyone’s quiet study. 


Collaborative study space is available on this floor in the Upper Mall Lobby, SCAA area, and group study rooms. Please be respectful and follow the same guidelines as you would in the other Collaborative Zones in the Library. 

Upper Mall Map

map of upper mall with numbers that correspond to text below about services and resources available

Note: Numbers on the map correspond to the numbers in the text below to help orientate you as you tour the library. 

Touring the Upper Mall

10. Media Resources & Reserves

The service desk in the Upper Mall Lobby is the Media Resources & Reserves Desk. Here you can check out textbooks, course reserves, and other media resources; get help locating periodicals & microforms; and get help using the microform machines), 

Go down the hallway to the left of the Media Resources & Reserves Desk to the Administration Office. 


11. Library Administration and Special Collections

The Library Administration Office is the office of the Dean of Libraries. It also houses the Floyd Erickson Special Collections Reading Room. Here you can find the Library’s rare books collection, including the Bay Area Poetry Collection and a large, teaching collection of artists’ books. You can search for Special Collections items in the Library Catalog and make an appointment to view them by contacting the Archives Staff ( 

The door outside the Library Administration Office (to your left, if your back is to the Library Administration Office) leads to SCAA. Go through the door to continue your tour. 


12. Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA)

SCAA is the campus tutoring center and its mission is to help students improve skills, and gain confidence & independence as learners. You can find out more about its services here:

Continue straight on to reach the next stop on your tour. 


13. Periodicals

The print periodicals (aka journals) are located in the stacks nearest SCAA. The periodicals are arranged by call number and can be searched for using the Library Catalog. Most of the current periodicals subscribed to by the Library are available online via our databases. 

Continue straight, past the courtyard and study cubicles. 


14. Book Stacks

Most of the books in the Library’s circulating collection are located on this floor. They are arranged by call number, beginning with the As starting at the far east end of the library near the east entrance. 

Note: The books are in sequence across all three sections of shelving/stacks, so when looking for a book, don’t turn the corner before you get to the end of the aisle and check the call number range signs on the ends of the bookshelves (aka book stacks).

Turn right and continue past the study cubicles, which are great for when you want to concentrate for individual, quiet study. 


15. Group Study Rooms & Presentation Practice Room

Group study rooms are located in several areas of the library with most on this side of the library. These are used for small study groups of two or more people and are reserved online at

The library also has a presentation practice room available for groups that is reservable by contacting Media Resources & Reserves. More information can be found here:

Turn right and continue past more study cubicles on your right and the continuation of the circulating book collection on your left. Past LI 3040, one of the library’s two instruction rooms, you will come to the next stop on your tour. 


16. Oversized Stacks

Books in this area are taller than average and have a lower-case ‘f’ at the beginning of the call number. Make sure to double-check for this part of the call number when you are looking at the call number for a book in the Library Catalog. If a book you want has 'ff' or 'fff' at the beginning of the call number, go to the Information Desk on the Lower Mall and we'll retrieve the book for you from Technical Services. Oversized books can be checked out.

Continue past the Oversized Stacks to return to the Upper Mall Lobby. 


17. Microforms & Copy Center

In the metal filing cabinets are some of the library’s microform resources. These do not circulate outside of the library. You can search for microforms via the Library Catalog. Some microforms are housed in a separate location and the catalog record will say “Ask at Desk”. Please see the staff at the Information Desk who can retrieve it for you. 

By the glass doors you will find the print/copy/scan stations and the microform readers. If you need any help with the microform readers, please ask for assistance at the Media Resources & Reserves Desk. 


You’ve now completed the self-guided tour of the library. You can use the stairs or elevator to return to the Lower Mall. 

If you have any questions, please see staff at the Information Desk. We look forward to seeing you again at the Hayward Campus University Library!