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Library Self-Guided Tour

Mobile-optimized version of the library's self-guided tour

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Where to Go in the Library

Need to find something in the Library? This list provides a quick list of where to go to find various resources and services in the library. Remember, you can always ask for help at any library service desk, too!

I Need to Find... Here's Where to Go...
Biella Room Lower Mall (turn right when you enter, past the restrooms, turn left and look for the big oak doors)
Laptops Learning Commons, Lower Mall (turn left when you enter and go to the Tech Help Desk)
Add money to BayCard Lower Mall (cash only station to add money to your card is by the entrance to the Learning Commons,
turn left after you enter and go through the glass doors)
Textbooks/Course Reserves Media Resources & Reserves Desk, Upper Mall (service desk in the Upper Mall Lobby) 
Check out a book

For InterLibrary Loan Books: Circulation Desk, Lower Mall (service desk on your right when you enter from the courtyard)

For Books from the Book Stacks, CSU+, and books on hold: Self-Check Machine by Holds Shelf (to your left when you enter the Library's Courtyard Entrance)


Lower Mall (turn left when you enter, go through the glass doors, look for wood doors on your right) &

Upper Mall (by the courtyard & Room LI 3040)


Lower Mall (go past the computers you see when you enter, turn left; it's hidden by the wooden wall) &

Upper Mall (by the courtyard & Room LI 3040; opposite side from the stairs)


Lower Mall (by elevator, in Learning Commons) &

Upper Mall (in Upper Mall Lobby, by Media Resources & Reserves Desk)


Lower Mall (turn right, go past the Circulation Desk, on your left) &

Lower Mall, Gender-Inclusive Restroom (go straight when you enter, back wall by printers) &

Upper Mall (past Media Resources & Reserves Desk, on your left)

Testing Office Upper Mall (near the East Entrance, past the courtyard if entering from stairs/elevator, look for the signs)
SCAA Upper Mall (behind the Media Resources & Reserves Desk) 

Water fountain

Water bottle filling station

Lower Mall (by restrooms) &

Upper Mall (by restrooms)