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Library Self-Guided Tour

Mobile-optimized version of the library's self-guided tour

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Lower Mall: Collaborative Study Floor

The Lower Mall (aka First Floor) of the library is designated as the Collaborative Study Floor. 

collaborative study map of lower mall

Please feel free to gather your study group around our tables for a study session and please set your phones to vibrate and use headphones if you are listening/watching audio and video.

map of lower mall

Note: Numbers on the map correspond to the numbers in the text below to help orientate you as you tour the library. 

Touring the Lower Mall

1. Circulation Desk

At the Circulation Desk you can: checkout and renew books, pick up books that you have paged, pick up InterLibrary Loan (aka ILL) and CSU+ books, get your BayCard, pay fines, and share comments via the suggestion box. 

You can return books through the slot at the end of the Circulation counter, or through the library deposit boxes in front of the main (courtyard) entrance to the Library & near the loading dock & UPD station on the street-level (West Loop Road) of the building.

If you need a book the library doesn't have, you can often request it via CSU+. Articles and books not found in CSU+ can be requested via InterLibrary Loan. The staff at the Reference Desk (#2 on the map) can help you.


2. Reference Desk & LC2

This area is “research central” and is staffed by librarians who will help you find research articles, books, and more for your assignments, along with helping you format citation and evaluate information.

The library subscribes and provides access to more than 170 different databases which cover a broad range of academic disciplines. Many provide full-text access to articles, while other databases provide access to streaming videos, news reports, datasets, and more. Access to the databases is via the Databases A-Z page:

You'll also find LC2 (aka Learning Commons Squared) at this desk. Here you can get help with printing, scanning, copying, and installing drivers on your laptop so you can connect to our wireless printing system. 


3. Lactation Room and Gender-Inclusive Restroom

Behind the Reference Desk you will find the Lactation Room and Gender-Inclusive Restroom.

Walk to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and, after enjoying the view, continue on to the bookstacks on your right. 


4. Reference Stacks 

Reference materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, indexes, and statistical sources are usually consulted for specific information, rather than being read from cover to cover. They are a good place to get background information on a topic.

These books cannot be checked out of the library; however, there are several photocopiers in the Library. You can also take pictures of the pages with your phone. Reference materials can be searched via the Library Catalog.

For help locating reference materials, ask at the Reference Desk.

Past the Reference Collection, you’ll find the Government Documents.


4. Government Documents

The library has a small collection of Federal and State Government Documents. These are arranged by Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) call number and can be searched via the Library Catalog. Many government publications are available full-text online.

Past the Government Documents you'll find the Juvenile Books Collection. 


5. Juvenile Books Collection

The Ruth Carlson Collection of Children’s Books (aka the Juvenile Collection) provides curricular support for the English Department and the College of Education and Allied Studies. These books may be checked out and new arrivals are shelved on the New Books Shelf.

There is a “secret” door on the wall opposite the windows near the Government Documents. Find the door and walk through it to continue on your tour. 


7. Biella Room (LI 2126)

This large, oak-paneled room is used for lectures, University Hour Library Workshops and other University functions. Reservations for its use are made through the University Scheduling office. 

Continue on past the exhibit cases, through the study space, and turn right. You’ll go past the restrooms, water fountain & water bottle filling station to find yourself back in the Lower Mall Lobby. On your left is the next tour stop. 


8. Curated Collections: Popular Reading, DIY Success, and New Books

This set of bookshelves houses our Popular Reading, DIY Success, and New Books. 

The Popular Reading Collection has non-fiction and fiction titles for pleasure reading. Browse the shelf and check out some books to read as a study break. 

The DIY Success Collection contains study guides and other books to help you with adulting. These books can be checked out. 

The New Books shelf contains the newest arrivals for our book collection. These books can also be checked out. 

Go past the front doors of the library and through the glass doors to reach the library’s Learning Commons. 


9. Learning Commons

The Learning Commons provides expert Tech Help for students and is the largest student computer lab on campus. Here you can use the computers, checkout a laptop, get expert help with all your technology questions, print/scan/copy, and learn more about the technology workshops run by the Learning Commons Staff. 

Now that you’ve toured the Lower Mall, it’s time to continue your tour on the Upper Mall. Use the map above to locate the stairs (just outside the Learning Commons, back the way you came) or elevator (near the Reference Desk) to reach the Upper Mall. 

If you take the stairs, turn left to reach the Upper Mall Lobby. If you take the elevator, turn right.