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Streaming Video @ Your Library: Embedding in Blackboard

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Where Can I Embed Video in Blackboard?

You can embed video from Films on Demand in any content area in Blackboard that has the HTML feature. You can embed video in new Content Areas, in Discussion posts, in blog posts, and in wiki entries. 

How to Embed a Video in Blackboard

After selecting the video or video segment that you would like to embed, click on the embed code button. Then copy the embed code, as seen below. 

Screenshot of embed code

Next, you will need to log into Blackboard. As a reminder, sometimes Chrome does not function properly with the embedding, so Firefox or Internet Explorer is recommended. 

Create the content area where you would like to embed the video and click the HTML button.

Screenshot showing Creating Content and HTML button in Blackboard

Then paste in your embed  code and click the Update button. 

Screenshot of the HTML editor in Blackboard with the embed code from Films on Demand

Once you save your content area changes (Click Submit button), you will be able to view the embedded video. Note: Before you click Submit, your content editor will look blank sometimes. That is okay, the embed code is there. Once you click Submit, you will see your embedded video. 

Screenshot of video embedded in Blackboard