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Affordable Learning Solutions & Open Educational Resources

Information about the Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) program and other Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Faculty Checklist

  • Courses get listed as ZCCM & LCCM by information provided by the campus bookstore's Textbook Adoption form.
  • Is your course a Zero Cost (ZCCM) or Low Cost (LCCM) course?
  • Is your course listed as a ZCCM or LCCM course in the catalog? You can look up your course in the CSUEB List of Classes to see if it has the Zero Cost Course Materials (ZCCM) or Low Cost Course Materials (LCCM) course attribute.
  • If your course is not listed as ZCCM or LCCM and it is, please complete the Cal State East Bay Zero or Low Cost (<$50) Courses form.


Access, Affordability & Academic Success

OER Adoption Workshops

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Workshop Series

  1. Introduction to OERs - Department-wide introduction to OERs and where to locate discipline-specific OERs [what is OER? Locate Relevant OER]

  2. OER Review - Course/Discipline-specific deep-dive. Faculty/instructors will have an opportunity to review specific OER materials and consider them for adoption into their courses. [Review an Open Textbook]

  3. OER Modification & Adoption - Faculty/instructors will be able to review their potential adoptions together to modify and customize the content for their use. [Adopt and Adapt OER]