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Affordable Learning Solutions Archive: Home

Part of the CSU initiative to provide students with affordable options to expensive texts

How to Use this Library Guide

***This library guide is currently being updated. You can still use this guide to locate Open Education Resources (OERs) and other free, online course materials but some links and information might be out of date.

For information about the Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) program at CSU East Bay, please visit this guide: 

AL$ and the Academic Senate

On Nov. 4, 2014, the Academic Senate officially approved the Affordable Learning Solutions Subcommittee as a subcommittee of the Committee on Instruction and Curriculum.  


Cal State University’s Alternative Learning Solutions project

The California State University system is dedicated to helping faculty and students find alternatives to traditional, expensive textbooks.  Below are links to information at the CSU level and at CSUEB.  NOTE:  Since fall 2010, more and more textbooks have been made available on reserve in the library.  Also provided are links to the University Bookstore and to other Rent/Buy/Sell options on the Web.  Note that the rent/buy/sell options are just three examples of many on the Web.

Also, click on the "Showcasing Faculty" tab to learn more about what faculty are doing to help students learn through alternative, less expensive solutions.

Subject Guide


Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) and You (Held Friday, Jan. 19, 2018)

Two faculty in the AL$ program--Patrick Fleming, Chemistry, and Maria Ortuoste, Political Science--shared their experiences in providing students with effective alternative learning resources at low or no cost to students.  Also presented was preliminary data from a 2016-2017 student survey about their experiences with AL$ options provided through the AB 798 grant in 2016-2017.