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Using the Libraries

eBook Textbooks

All the textbooks on this page are available to students for free as library eBooks. For other assigned reading available in the library, check the course reserves list or search the library catalog.

Textbooks available as eBooks in the Library

Department   Course #   Professor         Title
ANTH 100 GONZALEZ Human evolution
ANTH 100 GONZALEZ Social and cultural anthropology
ANTH 300 HANDWERKER Exotic no more
ANTH 300 HANDWERKER A path appears
ANTH 334 CONRAD Human sexuality: biological, psychological & cultural
ANTH 341 WONG English with an accent
BAN 612 WANG Python for data analysis
BAN 620 RADOVILSKY Data mining for business analytics with JMP Pro
BAN 675 XIE Natural language processing with Python
BIOL 472 SEIF Mastering neuroscience
BSTA 697 FAN Survival analysis
BUS 605 FUNG Valuation
CHEM 631 KOTCHEVAR Organic chemistry: intermediate text
CMGT 360 HAKHAMANESHI Soil mechanics & foundations
CMPE 344 DOERING Bad to the bone
COMM 260 WHITE Introduction to documentary, third edition
COMM 321 LIU Persuasion
COMM 362 LAWSON Visual story
COMM 435 WHITE Shut up & shoot documentary guide
CRJ 330 RACETTE Crime prevention
CRJ 415 RIPPY Strengths finder 2.0
CRJ 455 ITUARTE Emotionally intelligent leadership
CRJ 475 COPENHAGEN Restorative justice today
CRJ 475 HILL Restoring justice
CRJ 475 HILL Transcending: reflections of crime victims
CS 221 ROOHPARVAR Computer organization & design
CS 611 REITER Limits of computation
CS 631 YANG MongoDB: the definitive guide
ECON 380 TAYLOR Managerial economics
EDLD 625 COMFORT California school law
ENGL 102 HUFGARD Born a crime
ENGL 406 GUBERNAT Best American poetry 2018
ENGR 215 ESMAEELZADEH MATLAB: A practical introduction to programming & problem solving
ENVT 493 LARSON Restoring neighborhood streams
EPSY 301 JOHNSON Introduction to the counseling profession
EPSY 637 SOO-HOO Counseling the culturally diverse
EPSY 678 PORTER Essential skills in family therapy
EPSY 685 JENNINGS Practical handbook of school psychology
ES 120   Black reconstruction in America
ES 120   People's history of the United States
ES 244 TANEMURA Part Asian, 100% Hapa
ES 341 WILSON Inhuman bondage
ES 341 WILSON Reversing sail
ES 341 WILSON Slave culture
ES 347   Color of kink
ES 347   No tea, no shade
ES 347   Taste for brown sugar
ES 360 TANEMURA Contemporary Asian America
GEOG 330 WOODARD Making of American landscape
GEOG 445 GIVENTAL Water resources
HCA 622 ENGELBERT Population health informatics
HCA 622 LAUNIUS Healthcare informatics
HDEV 322 GUCKENHEIMER Aging our way
HDEV 322 GUCKENHEIMER Inequalities of aging
HDEV 422 WILLIAMS Dangerous or endangered?
HDEV 424 STRYKER Fashioning teenagers
HDEV 499 GUZZARDO Power & control in the imperial valley
HIST 111 BRUECK America is in the heart
HIST 111 BALDWIN How we got to now
HIST 382 BRUECK Intimate frontiers
HIST 382 BRUECK Living for the city
HIST 382 DUONG City of quartz
HIST 388 BRUECK Great ocean
HOS 310 PADRON Special events
HSC 310 MUKHERJEA Community engagement, organization, & development
HSC 350 STANTON Introduction to health behavior theory
HSC 360 MOORE Introduction to legal system of U.S.
ITM 442 SARNIKAR Health care information systems
KIN 160 LIARDI II Introduction to exercise science
KIN 301 BENNETT Essentials of kinesiology for the physical therapist assistant
KIN 370 KNAPP Qualifying times
KIN 370 MILLER Coming on strong
KIN 461 SMITH ACSM's complete guide to fitness & health
LBST 201 ELLIS-MARINO First along the river
LBST 499 ELLIS-MARINO American babylon
MATH 330 CALLAHAN Advanced calculus
MATH 497 ARAUZA RIVERA Discovering discrete dynamical systems
MGMT 350 TREICHLER The flaw of averages
MKTG 487 HAMLIN Business model generation
MKTG 487 HAMLIN Think bigger
MKTG 697 HAMLIN Data driven leadership
MUS 697 MARSH African imagination in music
NURS 414 STEWART Fast facts about nursing & the law
NURS 611 WINTERS Teaching in nursing & role of the educator
OTL 606 SHAW Research methods in education
PA 621 MOON Governance in dark times
PA 622 JELKS Introduction to the policy process
PA 622 JELKS Postmodern public policy
PA 622 MOON Handbook of practical program evaluation
PA 622 MOON Public policy praxis
PA 631 MOON Responsible administrator
PA 631 MOON Understanding & managing public organizations
PA 692 UMEH New public service
PA 692 UMEH Social construction of public administration
PHIL 100 LIN Intellectual empathy
PHIL 100 PAVESICH Workbook for arguments
PHIL 348 MOREMAN Beyond the threshold
PHIL 354 HALL Morality & global justice reader
PHIL 373 HALL Black bodies, white gazes
PHIL 373 HALL Existence in black
POSC 344 COLLINS Toxic loopholes
POSC 411 BELOW Global environmental politics
POSC 411 BELOW Green planet blues
PSYC 370 SPROUL Measurement theory in action
PSYC 469 CHOI Group performance
PSYC 491B GONSALVES Introduction to the event-related potential technique
REC 320 WHITE Aquatic facility management
REC 325 VILHAUER Good boss, bad boss
REC 620 CHAMBERLAIN Fifth discipline
REC 630 WHITE Applied research & evaluation methods in recreation
SLHS 302 NA Clinical management of speech sound disorders
SLHS 606 DUKHOVNY Augmentative & alternative communication intervention
SLHS 612 KASHINATH Counseling in communication disorders
SOC 300 MONTES Social theory: multicultural
SOC 320 MOORE Age of inequality
SOC 320 MOORE Inequality in the 21st century
SOC 375 IVESTER Introduction to cities
SOC 403 GUCKENHEIMER Invisible families
SOC 403 GUCKENHEIMER Politics of child sexual abuse
SOC 403 GUCKENHEIMER White kids growing up with privilege
SOC 423 LIN Social movements reader
SOC 433 AUSTIN Learning through service
SOC 433 AUSTIN Service-learning and social justice
SOC 440 BECK New Jim Crow
SOC 460 GUCKENHEIMER Cohabitation nation
SOC 460 GUCKENHEIMER Respect yourself, protect yourself
SOC 496 BECK Female offender
SPED 608   Academic instruction for students with moderate and severe intellectual diasabilities
STAT 303 ANGELL Biostatistics with R
STAT 401 CHATTERJEE Explaining psychological statistics
STAT 632 FOX Modern approach to regression with R
STAT 652 SUESS Modern data science with R
STAT 654 SUESS Deep learning with R
SW 612 THOMPSON Community organizing & community building for health & welfare
SW 622B NA Theory & practice of group psychotherapy
TED 509 TRAFTON Social studies, literacy, and social justice in the common core classroom
THEA 101 FAJILAN Memory, a monologue, a rant, and a prayer
THEA 101 FAJILAN Moment work
THEA 101 FAJILAN Transforming pain to power
THEA 114 OLMSTED Sound & music for the theatre
THEA 243 FAJILAN Comedians
THEA 243 FAJILAN On the real side
THEA 361 OLMSTED Scene painting projects for theatre
WOST 301 WILLIAMS Gender in the workplace