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Using the Libraries

eBook Textbooks

All the textbooks on this page are available to students for free as library eBooks. For other assigned reading available in the library, check the course reserves list or search the library catalog.

Textbooks available as eBooks in the Library

Department Course # Professor Title
ANTH 3000 Price Anthropology & Contemporary Human Problems
ANTH 3110 Almquist Primate Behavioral Ecology
ANTH 3505 Gonzalez Indians, Missionaries, and Merchants
ANTH 3720 Price Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology
ANTH 3765 Wong The Cultural Dimension of Global Business
ANTH 3785 Matsuda Handbook of Practicing Anthropology
ART 2830 Lehr HTML & CSS
ART 4060 Henninger Meggs' History of Graphic Design
BIOL 3410 Mukherjea Epidemiology Kept Simple
BIOL 3441 Guiton Biology of Parasites
BIOL 4455 Baysdorfer Molecular Medicine
BIOL 4525 Seif Development of the Nervous System
BSTA 6651 Eudey Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
CHEM 4460 Ancheta Principles of Medical Biochemistry
CMGT 6300 Gaedicke Hornung Sustainable Construction
COMM 3005 Kien Qualitative Research Methods in Public Relations & Marketing Communications
COMM 3100 Chang Shut Up & Shoot Documentary Guide
COMM 4207 Brooks Personal Connections in the Digital Age
COMM 6700 Liu Dynamics of Political Communication
CRJA 3610 Marwah Police Manager
CRJA 3700 Trager Justice, Crime & Ethics
CS 4320 Na Software Testing and Quality Assurance: Theory and Practice
CS 6260 Zhong Limits of Computation
CS 6825 Grewe Computer and Machine Vision
EDLD 6650 Comfort California School Law
EDLD 6720 Verbitsky Collaborative Teacher Leadership
ENGL 6001 Rustick How to Read Literature
ENGR 6430 Zong Manufacturing Facilities
EPSY 3001 Johnson Introduction to the Counseling Profession
EPSY 6500 Tran Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions in Educational Settings
EPSY 6500 Tran Think Good - Feel Good
EPSY 6750 Plankenhorn Clinical Interviewing
EPSY 6750 Plankenhorn Essential Skills in Family Therapy
GEOL 3050 Lee Volcanoes: Global Perspectives
GS 2500 Machacek Student EQ Edge
HCA 6200 Wetter Basics of the US Health Care System
HCA 6230 Vahidy Glaser on Health Care IT
HCA 6250 Hernandez Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations
HCA 6280 Lamson Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law & Ethics
HCA 6290 Diggs Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management
HDEV 3201 Comerford Contested Knowledge
HDEV 3301 Sprott Theories of Human Development
HDEV 3301 Sprott We're Friends, Right? Inside Kids' Culture
HDEV 3304 Drew For the Family?
HDEV 4140 Davis Theories of Development
HIST 3417 Nichols The New Jim Crow
HIST 3500 Brueck Living for the City
HIST 3500 Brueck Saints & Citizens
HIST 3500 Duong City of Quartz
HIST 3500 Duong Intimate Frontiers
HIST 4030 Kim Global History of Modern Historiography
HIST 6400 Ivey American Catholic Lay Groups
HIST 6400 Ivey At America's Gates
HIST 6400 Ivey Between Two Empires
HIST 6400 Ivey From Welcomed Exiles to Illegal Immigrants
HIST 6400 Ivey Strangers in the Land
HSC 1000 Hatcher Stanfield's Introduction to Health Professions
HSC 3300 Coughlin Jonas' Introduction to the US Health Care System
HSC 3400 Engelman Introduction to Community and Public Health
HSC 3700 Stanton Introduction to Health Behavior Theory
HSC 3720 Smith Chinese in America
HUM 2010 Ellis-Marino First Along the River
HUM 2010 Ellis-Marino Origins of AIDS
HUM 4020 Ellis-Marino American Babylon
ITM 6280 Ray Data Warehouse Toolkit
KIN 1625 Prucha Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook
KIN 3330 Liardi II Motor Learning & Control for Practitioners
KIN 3700 Liberti American Sports
MGMT 4500 Theyel Industry Emergence
MLL 3812 Wu Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature
MUS 6000 Marsh Writing About Music
NURS 2020 Cho Nursing Diagnoses - Definitions & Classification, 2015-17
NURS 3406 Eckfield Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Concepts of Care in Evidence-Based Practice
PHIL 1401 Cabot Little History of Religion
PHIL 3431 Moreman Religious and Spiritual Groups in Modern America
POSC 1202 Le Democracy in California
POSC 3310 Garretson Campaign Manager
POSC 3418 Geron US Immigration in the Twenty-First Century
POSC 3460 Collins Toxic Loopholes
POSC 3800 Geron Public Policy in the United States
PSYC 3210 Reevy-Manning Measurement Theory in Action
PSYC 3520 Patch Intimate Relationships
PUAD 4800 Keyes Williams Handbook of Public Administration
PUAD 4800 Keyes Williams Public Administration
PUAD 6801 Keyes Williams An Introduction to the Policy Process
PUAD 6802 Hom Effective Implementation in Practice: Integrating Public Policy and Management
PUAD 6812 Fraser Reframing Organizations
PUAD 6815 Morgan Responsible Administrator
PUAD 6864 Diggs The Public Manager Case Book: Making Decisions in a Complex World
PUAD 6864 Diggs Understanding & Managing Public Organizations
PUAD 6869 Moon Discovering Organizational Identity
PUAD 6901 Moon New Public Service
PUAD 6901 Moon Social Construction of Public Administration
REC 3300 Dennis Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen
REC 4501 Padron Special Events
SOC 3200 Moore Portrait of America
SOC 3418 Ianeva Kovach's Mediation in a Nutshell
SOC 3520 Austin Between the World & Me
SOC 3612 Austin Immigrant America
SOC 4450 Ivester Introduction to Cities
SOC 4790 Ianeva Social Control
SPPA 6000 Kashinath Single Case Research Methodology
STAT 4960 Angell Art of R Programming
SW 6505 Wong Cognitive Behavior Therapy
SW 6515 Vugia Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy
TED 4325 Holdt Arts Integration
TED 6700 Wolsey Writing Literature Reviews
THEA 1016 Fajilan Panza Monologues
WOST 3530 Drew Embodying Culture