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eBook Textbooks

All the textbooks on this page are available to students for free as library eBooks. For other assigned reading available in the library, check the course reserves list or search the library catalog.

Textbooks available as eBooks in the Library

Department   Course #   Professor         Title
ANTH 300 HANDWERKER A path appears
Exotic no more
ANTH 310 GRAVER 50 great myths of human evolution
ANTH 331 CONRAD The lost daughters of china
ANTH 341 WONG English with an accent
ANTH 371 WONG The cultural dimension of global business
ANTH 372 HANDWERKER An anthropologist on Mars
ANTH 377 GONZALEZ Exhibit labels : an interpretive approach
ART 226 HENNINGER Meggs' history of graphic design
ART 255 ANAYA Game design workshop
ART 356 RHABYT Getting started with p5.js
BAN 632 RAY Hadoop: the definitive guide
BIOL 470 MURRAY Sensory exotica
BSTA 661 FAN An introduction to categorical data analysis
BUS 606 KUEHN Managerial economics
CMGT 630 SEPEHR Sustainable construction
CMPE 421 DOERING Computer organization and design
COMM 314 HIGDON The news media : what everyone needs to know
COMM 435 WHITE Multimedia storytelling for digital communicators in a multiplatform world
COMM 497
BROOKS Afrofuturism 2.0
CRJ 340 MARQUETTE Criminal investigation: a method for reconstructing the past
CRJ 370 HILL Justice, crime, and ethics
CRJ 470 HILL Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption
CRJ 475 COPENHAGEN The little book of restorative justice
CS 455 HECKER Real-time rendering
CS 603 YANG Head First design patterns
ENGL 100
Born a crime
ENGL 220 MURPHY Immigrant voices. Volume II
ENGL 303 HASSMAN Trip : psychedelics, alienation, and change
ENGL 305 GUTIERREZ Stop that girl
ENGL 307 DOYLE Tell it slant
ENGL 320 SCOTT Death comes for the archbishop
ENGL 320 SCOTT Player piano
ENGL 324 ANDRZEJCZYK Song of Solomon
ENGL 324 ANDRZEJCZYK Tell me a riddle, Requa I, and other works
ENGL 324
ANDRZEJCZYK The house on Mango Street
ENGL 324 D'ALLEVA Woman hollering creek, and other stories
ENGL 640 DOYLE If you knew then what I know now
ENGL 640 DOYLE The liars' club : a memoir
ENGL 640 DOYLE Men we reaped : a memoir
ENGL 640 DOYLE Two or three things I know for sure
EPSY 662 TRAN Clinical practice of cognitive therapy with children and adolescents
EPSY 662 TRAN Cognitive-behavioral interventions in educational settings
EPSY 662 TRAN Think good, feel good : a cognitive behaviour therapy workbook
ES 100 TANEMURA An indigenous peoples' history of the United States
ES 244 TANEMURA Black, white, and Jewish
ES 244 TANEMURA Dreams from my father
ES 244 TANEMURA Part Asian, 100% Hapa
ES 245 CLEVELAND Black, white, and Jewish
ES 301 WILSON The Womanist reader
ES 301 WILSON Words of fire
ES 343 COOK Remaking black power
FIN 482 SOUZA Real estate valuation theory
HCA 611 DIGGS Health disparities, diversity, and inclusion
HCA 611 DIGGS Health policymaking in the United States
HCA 611 VAHIDY Comparative health systems
HCA 611 VAHIDY Health disparities, diversity, and inclusion
HCA 611 VAHIDY Health policy analysis
HCA 612 ENGELBERT Managing health care business strategy
HCA 612 ENGELBERT Now, discover your strengths
HCA 612 HERNANDEZ Now, discover your strengths
HCA 612 HERNANDEZ Strategic management of health care organizations
HCA 612 HERNANDEZ The emerging healthcare leader
HCA 612 SCHRAM Emotional intelligence 2.0
HCA 612 SCHRAM Essential techniques for healthcare managers
HDEV 301 GHARIB Theories of human development
HDEV 301 COMERFORD Social theory
HDEV 321 DAVIS Punished : policing the lives of Black and Latino boys
HDEV 401 RASMUSSON Doing case study research
HDEV 411 CHIN-NEWMAN What's going on in there? : how the brain and mind develop in the first five years of life
HDEV 412 CHIN-NEWMAN Our babies, ourselves
HDEV 422 PURI A child called "It" : one child's courage to survive
HDEV 452 PURI Robot sex : social and ethical implications
HIST 111 BRUECK America is in the heart
HIST 111 BRUECK The devil's highway
HIST 380 BRUECK Industrial cowboys : Miller & Lux and the transformation of the Far West, 1850-1920
HIST 380 BRUECK Shadows at dawn
HIST 382 BRUECK Suburban warriors
HIST 400 THOMPSON The varieties of history : from Voltaire to the present
HIST 402 NICHOLAS Standing soldiers, kneeling slaves
A history of American nursing
HIST 477 PARE Handling the sick : the women of St. Luke's and the nature of nursing, 1892-1937
HIST 630 FOZDAR The history of sexuality. Volume 1, An introduction
HOS 315 PADRON Wedding planning and management
HSC 100 GANESH Mountains beyond mountains
HSC 100 GANESH Public health 101
HSC 130 KREBS AIDS at 30
HSC 130 KREBS The metamorphosis
HSC 250 KHOSLA Health disparities, diversity, and inclusion
HSC 330 GAMBA Essentials of epidemiology in public health
HSC 455 MOREWITZ Management principles for health professionals
HSC 460 ENGELMAN Essentials of public health preparedness and emergency management
KIN 301 BENNETT Essentials of kinesiology for the physical therapist assistant
KIN 370 LIBERTI Coming on strong : gender and sexuality in women's sport
KIN 461 DUPAIN Dr. Dean Ornish's program for reversing heart disease
KIN 461 PRUCHA ACSM's complete guide to fitness & health
KIN 461 SMITH ACSM's complete guide to fitness & health
MGMT 350 TREICHLER The flaw of averages
MKTG 420 NEWCOMB Designing brand identity
MKTG 420 NEWCOMB The lean product playbook
MM 621 RHABYT Getting started with p5.js
MUS 331 EROS Journey from music student to teacher
PA 611 KEYES WILLIAMS Strengths based leadership
PA 631 FRASER The responsible administrator
PA 692 MOON Government Is Us 2.0
PA 692 MOON Reframing organizations
PHIL 100 LIN Intellectual empathy
PHIL 361 LIN Ancient philosophy
PSYC 469 CHOI Group performance
REC 110 EPPERSON Fostering sustainable behavior
REC 230 HANLEY Mindset : the new psychology of success
REC 325 DENIS Toward sustainable communities
REC 355 EPPERSON Fostering sustainable behavior
REC 355 EPPERSON Toward sustainable communities
REC 362 JARDIN Writing patient/client notes
REC 425 CHAMBERLAIN Strategy that works
REC 425 CHAMBERLAIN Switch : how to change things when change is hard
Contested knowledge : social theory today
Social theory
SOC 325 MOORE An indigenous peoples' history of the United States
SOC 355 IANEVA Globalization : prospects and problems
SOC 418 CEASER The routledge reader on the sociology of music
SOC 496 BECK Female offender : girls, women, and crime
SPED 602 MCCOLLOW More language arts, math, and science for students with severe disabilities
SPED 602 MCCOLLOW Systematic instruction for students with moderate and severe disabilities
SPED 604 GUMORA Individual positive behavior supports
SPED 607 FUTTERMAN Promoting executive function in the classroom
SPED 607 FUTTERMAN Smart but scattered
SPPA 608 NICHOLAS Single case research methodology
SPPA 610 LEVIS Clinical decision making in fluency disorders
SPPA 612 ALLEN Counseling in communication disorders
Biostatistics with R : an introduction to statistics through biological data
SW 632 PAYNE A child called "It" : one child's courage to survive
Effective grant writing and program evaluation for human service professionals
Social studies, literacy, and social justice in the common core classroom
TED 543 ENGDAHL Arts integration : teaching subject matter through the arts in multicultural settings
THEA 244 JACOBS Projected fears : horror films and American culture