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Student Takeover Blog! Resources to Help Prepare You for Finals, in the Core

by Library News on 2022-11-17T09:08:10-08:00 | 0 Comments

Resources to Help Prepare You for Finals, in the Core

The Core building is a home to many rooms, organizations, and furniture to take those deserved naps on! Here's a list of all that the building provides for you to be successful in your studies, find the help you need, resources that can benefit you, and ways to relax and destress.

  • SCAA: Student Center for Academic Achievement

The SCAA is really the best place to go if you need help with almost anything to do with your classes. Papers, tutors, group study, or last minute-tutoring needs. You name it and the SCAA has it. Please, we beg of you 🙏 , check out the SCAA if you're struggling before your final! See here for a list of their supported subjects.

  • The Learning Commons
    • First Floor Core
    • Resources include:
      • Technology Support (Blackboard/Canvas, Horizon, MyCSUEB) for school websites
      • Assistive Technology
      • Printing (Additional Printing/Scanning for quick access/help)
      • Loaner Laptop Program & Technology For Checkout ! (Including Wifi Hotspots for those pesky dead zones!)
      • And much, much more. Like, a lot more.

The Learning Commons can help you with all things technological! They work hard to provide accessible technology resources to students, faculty, and staff. They are the place to go if you have any tech issues with an assignment, your device, or your internet connection. Don't miss that zoom meeting, come to the learning commons!

  • Family Friendly Room & Lactation Room
    • First Floor Core Room 1-1 (Family Friendly), Room 144 (Lactation Room)
    • Resources include:
      • Private space for lactation
      • A separate room space to sit/study with children
      • Children's play toys/blocks & child size seating
      • Adult size table & chairs provided

The Core wanted to provide a space for our students who are also parents, and have to fulfill both roles at the same time. In the family room, feel free to relax, do some homework, or go to a zoom class while your children play! The lactation room is open if you would prefer privacy. You go parents/caretakers!

  • Furniture and Room Spaces
    • All spaces in the Core
    • Including
      • Comfortable plush benches & chairs
      • Charging stations and outlets (That 1% will not last forever 🤨 )
      • Study Rooms! Reserve online two weeks ahead
      • Free to use computers!
      • Cubicles
      • Tables perfect for partner or group work!

Everyone always seems to find themselves tucked away in a little nook in this library. Whether it's on a soft lounge chair, a small cubicle, a nap on a couch, or in a study room with a friend. We all go to the Core for comfort, focus, and connections! Please enjoy our Core spaces for whatever YOU need ❤.

  • Meditation Room:
    • Third Floor Core, Room 329
    • Including
      • Foot Washing Station
      • Chairs
      • Large Space
      • Mats

The meditation room is one of the Core's best features in our opinion. Whether you need a quiet and clean space to pray, you want to participate in some daily meditation to refocus your mind, or you just want to relax and quiet down after a really tough day. The meditation room is here and available for everyone to use. Stay mindful, quiet, and respectful 😊 .

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