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About: Library Student Ambassadors Program

Advisors Bios

Daisy Muralles (she/her, ella)

  • Faculty Advisor since the Fall of 2020
  • Year: 4th-year Faculty
  • Hometown: Central Los Angeles, California
  • Hobbies/passion: music, radio, mountain biking/cycling, and mtg
  • Research interests: open education; community & college radio; lifelong learning; archives and special collections; community archives; community knowledge and education; 
  • Professional Goals: I want to better utilize my role as an information worker and educator to facilitate student engagement and participation in their own community education and community development projects (aka taking and applying the resources and skills they have as college students and bringing it back to their homes or their communities to support community needs).

Explore my library guides, email me or schedule a research consultation.


Kate Pham (she/her)

  • Faculty Advisor since the Fall of 2021
  • Year: 2nd-year faculty
  • Hometown: San Diego, California
  • Hobbies/passion: music, film, art, zines, video games, animation
  • Research interests: critical librarianship & pedagogy; Southeast Asian & refugee diasporas; 
  • Professional goals: As a practitioner and lifelong learner, I hope to find innovative and creative ways to integrate social justice into my roles and responsibilities through a critical and intersectional lens, such as facilitating and supporting work that is meaningful in enforcing systemic efforts within academic to center and serve diverse students and local communities. 
Illustrated portrait of Kate Pham