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Modern Languages & Literatures

Library Resource Guide

For Your Students

Please encourage your students to reach out to me for library support. Feel free to use this flyer to add to your lecture slides.

Need help getting started on your research assignment? Need help locating books, articles, videos?

Reach out to your Modern Languages and Literatures Faculty Librarian

Request MLL materials for Library Purchase

Link to "Request Materials for Library Purchase (MLL Dept. only)" form if it does not appear below.

Request Course Integrated Instruction

Course-integrated instruction can involve lessons on

  • topic development (including the scope of a topic in relationship to the assignment)
  • keywords/search terms
  • choosing the appropriate database or source of information
  • database demonstrations (including advanced features)
  • finding scholarly articles
  • finding books
  • citation overview
  • information ethics/research justice
  • other information literacy topics

Course-integrated instruction works best when your class is assigned a research project (such as a speech, research paper, presentation, annotated bibliography, etc.) and when you as the instructor are fully present in the session. Please feel free to ask questions and otherwise participate during the course-integrated instruction session, as it models good scholarly habits for your students.

Requesting Course Integrated Instruction Session(s)

Please provide the following information when requesting a course-integrated instruction session. Please submit requests for a class session at least a month in advance to ensure room, staff, and materials availability. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Some dates you select in the form might not be available and are dependent on availability. Advance notice is not required to have your class or group to attend library workshops.


  • An instructor (other than the librarian) must be present at all times during the class session.
  • Submit Course Integrated Instruction form
    • Provide a Course Syllabus
    • Specify total number of students expected to attend the session(s)
    • Specify instruction modality
    • Provide any other specific assignment information (i.e. assignment requirements, research topics)
    • Ideal visit date & second option
  • Connect with library faculty at least once to review learning outcomes for instruction session(s)