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The materials listed below are only SOME of the MANY available resources to Cal State East Bay affiliates via the University Libraries. Depending on the format (i.e. video, book, article), some materials might be available to access for free online via the library's streaming subscriptions, or you can borrow/check-out the item for free. Find course materials in the Course Reserves list.

American Sign Language Courses @ Cal State East Bay

Past, Current & Upcoming American Sign Language and Culture Courses at Cal State East Bay

Upcoming Fall 2021 courses are marked with an asterisk (*). Search for current & upcoming classes in the Cal State East Bay Course Catalog. For course descriptions & Sign Language minor requirements visit the 2021-2022 Cal State East Bay Catalog

  • MLL 131 - Elementary American Sign Language I : Language & Humanities*
  • MLL 132 - Elementary American Sign Language II : Language and Arts
  • MLL 231 - American Sign Language III : American Sign Language & Deaf Cultures*
  • MLL 232 - American Sign Language IV : American Deaf Sociocultural Issues
  • MLL 331 - Advanced American Sign Language I
  • MLL 332 - Advanced American Sign Language II
  • MLL 333 - American Deaf Culture
  • MLL 335 - Classifiers in American Sign Language
  • MLL 431 - Linguistics in American Sign Language*
  • MLL 435 - Fieldwork in American Sign Language Studies

Getting Started

How can I find...

 ... ASL and Deaf culture articles?   Academic Search Complete

 ... online ASL and Deaf culture videos?   Films on Demand (keyword search for sign language or deaf*)        

 ... books on various aspects of ASL and Deaf culture?   CSUEB Library Catalog or online at Ebrary

 ... research help?   LibHelp email (for answer within 24 hours) or 24/7 Chat (for immediate answer) or visit our Ask Us page for librarian assistance

For detailed introductory information, check out these specialized sources (in print format):

Resource Highlights