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Information on ORCID iDs, how to get one, and how and why to use it.

Visibility settings

There are 3 visibility settings:

Everyone : Information marked as everyone can be viewed by anyone who comes to the website or using the API

Trusted parties : Trusted organizations and trusted individuals that you have authorized to connect to your ORCID record. These connections require explicit action on your part. 

Only me: This information is also used by ORCID algorithms but the information is not shared. 

Trusted organizations

When you provide your iD and grant permissions to a Trusted Organization (ORCID member), part of the expectation is that the organization you are connecting to will update your record with information that it can validate and share. The trusted organization uses these long-lasting permissions to continuously update your ORCID record with new information in its system. This is called auto-update.

You will see the following window every time a trusted organization requests access to your ORCID iD.

Grant permission to one or more trusted individuals in ORCID

You can grant permission to one or more trusted individuals to update your ORCID record or a PI with an ORCID account can grant permission for you to update their records. A trusted individual MUST have their own ORCID iD.

After you have added a trusted individual to your ORCID record, their name and ORCID iD will appear in the Trusted individual section. To remove a trusted individual from your account, click delete next to the name of the person you wish to remove.


Access a record as a trusted individual

Once you have been added as a trusted individual, you will see an additional option when you log in to your own ORCID record. Under your name you will see the heading Switch account.


Clicking on Switch account will list the records that you can manage. If you do not see the name and ORCID iD for the person whose record you would like to manage, you can search for it or click the More... link to be taken to a page with all the records for which you have been made a trusted individual. If the name is still not available, the owner of the record may need to add you to their trusted individual list (please contact them directly).