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Open Access

Overview of Open Access at Cal State East Bay

Elsevier "Flipped" Articles

Stephen Bok (Marketing)

Bok, S., Martin, D. E., & Lee, M. (2021). Validation of the COVID-19 Disbelief Scale: Conditional indirect effects of religiosity and COVID-19 fear on intent to vaccinate. Acta Psychologica, 219, 103382–103382.

Divya Sitaraman (Psychology)

Buchert, S. N., Murakami, P., Kalavadia, A. H., Reyes, M. T., & Sitaraman, D. (2022). Sleep correlates with behavioral decision making critical for reproductive output in Drosophila melanogaster. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A, Molecular & Integrative Physiology, 264, 111114–111114.

Scott Fung (Accounting & Finance)

Fung, S. & Tsai, S.-C. (2021). The price discovery role of day traders in futures market: Evidence from different types of day traders. Journal of Empirical Finance, 64, 53–77.

Robert Loveland (Accounting & Finance)

Loveland, R., Mulherin, J. H., & Okoeguale, K. (2021). Deregulation, listing and delisting. Journal of Corporate Finance (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 69, 101985–.

Balaraman Rajan (Management)

Pai, D. R., Rajan, B., & Chakraborty, S. (2022). Do EHR and HIE deliver on their promise? Analysis of Pennsylvania acute care hospitals. International Journal of Production Economics, 245, 108398–.

Stephanie Seitz (Management)

Seitz, S. R. & Choo, A. L. (2021). Stuttering: Stigma and perspectives of (dis)ability in organizational communication. Human Resource Management Review, 100875–.

Pascale Guiton (Biology)

Sharma, J., Rodriguez, P., Roy, P., & Guiton, P. S. (2020). Transcriptional ups and downs: patterns of gene expression in the life cycle of Toxoplasma gondii. Microbes and Infection, 22(10), 525–533.

Richard Sprott (Human Development & Women's Studies)

Sprott, R. A., Randall, A., Smith, K., & Woo, L. (2021). Rates of Injury and Healthcare Utilization for Kink-Identified Patients. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 18(10), 1721–1734.

Ny Vasil (Psychology)

Vasil, N., Ruggeri, A., & Lombrozo, T. (2022). When and how children use explanations to guide generalizations. Cognitive Development, 61, 101144–.

Andrew Wong (Anthropology, Geography & Environmental Studies)

Wong, A. D.. (2021). Chineseness and Cantonese tones in post-1997 Hong Kong. Language & Communication, 76, 58–68.

Wong A. D., Su, H.-Y., & Hiramoto, M. (2021). Complicating raciolinguistics: Language, Chineseness, and the Sinophone. Language & Communication, 76, 131–135.