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Open Access

Overview of Open Access at Cal State East Bay

OA Publishing FAQs

Cal State East Bay's Open Access Publishing Fund 

The University Libraries is pleased to introduce a new Open Access (OA) Publishing Fund for current faculty, students, and staff members at Cal State East Bay. 

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Open Access Publishing Fund Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Information for Applicants

Who is eligible to apply for the Open Access Fund?

  • Current Cal State East Bay faculty, staff, and students are eligible to receive funds.

Are there limits to the amount that an author can request?

  • An author can request a maximum of $1,500 for an open access publication and up to $2,000 if there is also a Cal State East Bay student co-author. An author may not receive more than $1,500 ($2,000 with student co-author) from this fund per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).

Which Cal State East Bay co-author should submit the application?

  • In most cases, it doesn't matter. It is recommended that if there is a student co-author, that the faculty authors submit an application. If a student does not have a Cal State East Bay faculty co-author, they will be asked to submit a form individually.

What happens in the case of multiple authorship, when some authors are from Cal State East Bay and others are not?

  • We encourage authors from other institutions to contribute to the cost of publishing, because many institutions have funding similar to Cal State East Bay University Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund. Additionally, some journals offer waivers or reduced author processing charges to authors without institutional support. We encourage you to leverage these resources first. However, if external authors and/or their institutions are unable to assist with publishing costs, a Cal State East Bay co-author is eligible for full funding, up to the per-article limits described.

Do authors need to exhaust other funding sources that can be used to pay for submission fees before applying to the Open Access Publishing Fund?

  • Yes, authors with alternate sources of funding, such as other grants or publishing waivers, should use those sources before applying to the fund.

Are Cal State East Bay University authors being told to publish in certain journals?

  • No, Cal State East Bay authors are welcome to publish in any journal they wish. This fund is in place to assist those authors who wish to publish in open access journals.

Eligibility Criteria & Award Process

What types of journals are eligible for the fund?

  • Funding is available for recently accepted peer-reviewed articles in entirely open access journals that charge a publication fee associated with the cost of making an article freely available. Hybrid journals or delayed open access models are not accepted. See the question “What is a hybrid journal?” for more information on hybrid journals.
  • The journal’s Open Access policy and fees must be posted online.
  • Eligible journals must be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) or follow best practices in scholarly publishing, as identified by DOAJ.

What types of fees are covered by the fund?

  • Fees associated with the cost of making an article freely available in a completely open access journal are covered by the fund. Costs for reprints, color illustration fees, non-open access page charges, administrative charges, and other fees are not applicable.

Can the Open Access Publishing Fund be used to cover formats other than journal articles that are openly accessible, such as conference presentations and monographs?

  • Currently, the Open Access Publishing Fund may only be applied to peer-reviewed journal articles.

Can I be reimbursed for an Open Access article I've already published?

  • Currently, we are only funding articles that have been accepted, but not published.

What is the procedure for payment?

  • The Author should request from the publisher an itemized invoice billed to Cal State East Bay. This invoice must be received no later than May 20, 2022. Please email the invoice to Shaunt Hamstra, or mail the invoice to the following address:

ATTN: Shaunt Hamstra
University Libraries
Cal State East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd
Hayward, CA 94542

Who decides which applications are funded?

  • A library review committee makes the decision.

After submitting the request form, when can I expect to hear back if I'll receive support?

  • Authors should expect to hear back within seven business days.

How do I apply?

Open Access Publishing

What is an open access journal?

  • An open access journal is one that provides free, global, online access with minimal or no copyright limitations. That means anyone, anywhere with access to the internet may read, download, copy, and distribute that article. Open access articles are also open educational resources.

Do open access journals employ peer review? 

  • Yes, there are thousands of peer-reviewed open access journals. Open access is a method of publishing unrelated to the review process. Currently, nearly one thousand open access journals are indexed in Web of Science, which conducts a rigorous review of journals for quality and only includes journals with high impact factors. 

What is a hybrid journal?

  • A “hybrid journal” is published by a traditional subscription-based publisher; articles can immediately be made freely available to the public if the author pays an additional publication fee (also referred to as “paid access,” “open choice,” "sponsored article,” etc.). “Hybrid open access” differs from the true open access in that hybrid publishers often have restrictions on redistribution and reuse. A fully open access journal, on the other hand, has limited copyright restrictions which means anyone, anywhere with access to the internet may read, download, copy and distribute that article. 

How can I make my research freely available to readers if I have used up my grant allotment for the academic year or if the Open Access Publishing Fund has run out of money?

  • As an author, you have the power to keep some of your key faculty author rights when signing the publication agreement with a journal. You can request to reserve the rights that will allow you the option to post the article on your personal website. This is easily done with an author’s addendum, which can be attached to the publisher's copyright transfer agreement you will be asked to sign when your paper is accepted. SPARC has an author addendum available online which you can modify.
  • Additionally, the CSU Libraries are currently in a pilot agreement with Elsevier that allows CSU researchers to waive Author Publishing Charges [APCs] for open access publications. You can read more about the agreement and eligibility requirements here.

Do other institutions have this kind of fund?

From where does the money for the Open Access Fund come?

Where can I get further information?