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Modern Languages & Literatures: French

CSUEB Library Resources for Modern Languages & Literatures

Learning the Language Resources

French in Action - Series of instructional French videos following an American student in Paris. Produced by Yale in 1987.

Radio Lingua Network: French - French podcasts at the beginner to intermediate level. "Coffee Break French" is particularly popular.

Français interactif - Interactive textbook and grammar book from the University of Texas at Austin.

Foreign Service Institute: French Basic Course - Audio course designed by the US Foreign Service Institute to help diplomats attain conversational proficiency.

Ma France - BBC-sponsored video course for intermediate students.

Open Culture: Learn French for Free - Collection of audio-visual French lessons

Radio France Internationale: Learn French - Check out "The News in Simple French" for their simplified broadcast (with transcript!).

TED Talks in French - These videos are frequently accompanied by transcripts in French and English.

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Where to start...

These sites are portals or gateways to French resources.
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Useful Books