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Modern Languages & Literatures: American Sign Language

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From the Oxford English Dictionary:

American Sign Language n. (also with lower-case initials in the second and third elements) a form of sign language developed in the early 19th cent. for the use of the deaf in the United States; abbreviated ASL; cf. Ameslan n.

1900   Assoc. Rev. 2 71   The American sign language is the most complete which exists, and..rather difficult to acquire; so that it would take a deaf person a considerable time to thoroughly master it.
1996   A. Walker & P. Shipman Wisdom of Bones xiii. 218   American Sign Language is not a manual translation of English. Its syntax, grammar, and vocabulary do not coincide with that of English.

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 ... ASL and Deaf culture articles?   Academic Search Complete

 ... online ASL and Deaf culture videos?   Films on Demand (keyword search for sign language or deaf*)        

 ... books on various aspects of ASL and Deaf culture?   CSUEB Library Catalog or online at Ebrary

 ... research help?   LibHelp email (for answer within 24 hours) or 24/7 Chat (for immediate answer) or visit our Ask Us page for librarian assistance

For detailed introductory information, check out these specialized sources (in print format):

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