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A central hub for your mathematics information and researching needs

Welcome to the Mathematics Subject Guide for CSUEB

Thanks for stopping by the Mathematics Subject Guide. This guide contains both CSUEB Libraries' restricted resources as well as publicly accessible ones.

Find Books: Search for books in CSU's library catalog or in the LINK+ catalog. You will also find links for ebook collections.

Find Articles: Directs you to the various databases and websites to locate online journal articles.

Find Math Websites: Links to various mathematical websites.

Wolfram/Mathematica: Instructions for downloading and using Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha Pro.

History of Math: Specialized resources for gathering information on the history of mathematics.

Equity & Justice Resources: Equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice is a critical component of understanding mathematics.

Calculus: Specialized resources for calculus-related information.

If you have any questions regarding how to use or how to find a particular resource, feel free to contact me.

Online Undergraduate Resource Fair for the Advancement and Alliance of Marginalized Mathematicians

OURFA2M2 2023 is Happening!

Mark your calendars! The 4th OURFA2M2 Conference will be held on November 18-19, 2023.


Year Round Flier

Please share our flier with your school, organization, students, friends, enemies, family, pets, or anyone else you think might be interested! This flier is not year specific, so you can put it on your website, put it on your office door, put it on your department bulletin board, all without worrying about it becoming out of date. PDF HERE 


Apply Apply Apply

AWM Essay Contest

  • Students interview women who use math or statistics in their career and share their experiences/stories in an essay

  • Open to middle school, high school, and undergraduate students

  • The deadline is February 1, 2024. Submissions will open on December 1, 2023, but of course you can conduct your interview and write your essay before that

  • please contact me at with any questions you have!

Twople Mentorship Program

  • A free online mentoring program for undergraduates interested in pursuing a research-based graduate degree in math

  • Grad students and undergrads are paired together to work on a reading course based on their shared interests

  • Application deadline (for mentees and mentors): January 20, 2024

SIAM-Simons Undergraduate Summer Research Program

  • Summer research program targeting U.S. students from groups underrepresented in applied mathematics and computational mathematics in the U.S., specifically ethnic minorities

  • Students accepted to the program will receive a weekly stipend, and expenses for lodging, meals, and travel would also be covered

  • Only US citizen, currently-enrolled undergraduate is eligible to apply

  • The application for summer 2024 will open in December 2023.



The 2024 Joint Mathematics Meeting
  • January 3rd - January 6th, 2024 in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center

    • Considered the largest mathematics gathering in the world, the JMM partners with several math organizations, including the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM), to give mathematicians opportunities to promote their research.

  • Conference Schedule: schedule link

  • Registration and costs will be available by August 21st, 2023, with opportunities for travel funds available soon after.

  • Check to see if your CSUEB professor will be going!  [I will be there part of the time -Jeffra :) ]


Study Abroad Program

Mathematical Sciences Semesters in Guanajuato (MSSG)

  • “Our semester based programs are an excellent option for STEM focused students to have a study abroad experience without putting their academic goals for the semester on hold.”

  • Students can choose from the following courses in Mathematics: 

    • Algebra and its Applications

    • Modeling with Linear Algebra 

    • Tools for Modeling Dynamics

    • Discrete Probability and Statistics

    • Modeling with Differential Geometry

    • Functions of a Complex Variable

    • *We also offer an independent study course for students (when possible and appropriate).

  • Electives are available in all levels of Spanish and Mexico Culture and History as well. The MSSG also organizes a cultural calendar throughout the semester. Together these educational opportunities provide the students with a well-rounded academic experience while here in Guanajuato.

  • The next program, the J-TERM, runs from January 1st through January 20th, 2024

  • Learn more about the upcoming program and potential future ones here, and apply here.


The OURF2AM2 Newsletter

If you would like to receive more emails with this sort of information, please sign up for their long-term email list


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