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Identifying Information Sources Online: eBooks

Help with determining what type of source you've found online

eBooks in the Library Catalog

eBook identification if you are using the library catalog is easy--the catalog tells you that what you are looking at is an eBook! 

Did you know that you can even limit your search to just eBooks? This is great if you are off-campus and need to find a book. Just go to the Advanced Search in the library catalog and click on eBook under "Material Type."  

eBooks on the Open Web

eBooks are one of the simpler information sources to identify online. If you are in Google Books, you are pretty sure to be reading eBooks. But what if you aren't searching a book database? How do you know that you are looking at an eBook? Good questions. 

eBook Characteristics: 

  • Title: eBooks always have a title
  • Author(s)/Editor(s): You should be able to find the name(s) of the author(s) or editor(s) on the eBook
  • Publisher: You should be able to find the publisher's name 
  • Copyright statement: You should be able to find a copyright statement, including the year. Some eBooks may be published under Creative Commons license and you will find that statement included. 

ebook title

eBook copyright page