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Introduction to the Library: Week 4

Summer Bridge, 2015

Week 4

Week 4: Knowledge Creation/Content Creation/IP/Privacy Week

This week we'll delve into information ethics. How is knowledge created? Who owns it? Who has access to it? Who controls it? We'll explore how each one of us is both a creator and a user of information, and talk about how information is commodified.

Group Presentation Guidelines

Due: September 3 at 9:00 am 


Objective: To share a “how-to” about what you’ve learned in class.

In groups of 4 or 5, you will create a “how-to” presentation about something you’ve learned in class to present on the last day of our class.

Requirements for “How-to” Documentation

  • Your group cannot do the same “how-to” as another group; your group will need to submit group members’ names and your proposed “how-to” topic to the instructors for approval

  • Create a “how-to” that other students can understand for something you’ve learned in class (ex. how to search the catalog, how to find a book, how to evaluate a source, etc.)

    • Your “how-to” should be a step-by-step guide that other students can understand

    • Think about creating an “Instructable” that can help students that haven’t taken a class on doing library research

    • Screenshots are encouraged to help illustrate your instructions

  • Your “how-to” documentation should be a PowerPoint presentation or Google Doc to be shared with the class.

  • Your “how-to” will be uploaded to a LibGuide on the Library’s website so that other students can view and use your “how-to” instructions

Requirements for Presentation

  • Everyone in the group should help with the in-class presentation

  • You may designate a speaker(s) for the group, but the whole group must come to the front of the classroom for the presentation

  • Presentation should be between 4 to 5 minutes, including a demo of your “how-to” instructions

    • Points to cover:

      • Why did your group pick this “how-to” topic?

      • What does your “how-to” cover?

      • Demonstration of your “how-to” instructions; take the class through your tutorial/guide

  • You must practice your presentation to ensure that your group stays within the time limit; we will have work time in class to help  you prepare

  • Your group will need to type up a presentation script to share with the instructors

Submission Requirements

  • Share/email your “How-To” document to the instructors

  • Share the script for your presentation with the instructors via Google Docs


  • Submit topic and group members names: 5 points

  • “How-to” instructions and graphics: 25 points

  • Presentation: 20 points

  • Total: 50 points

Tuesday, August 25

knowledge creation, copyright, review citation, discuss group project presentation

More information about copyright:
Copyright FAQ

Fair Use FAQ

Public Domain FAQ

Glossary of Terms

Creative Commons creater Lawrence Lessig, "Laws that Choke Creativity"

Thursday, August 27

privacy, intellectual property, big data

Intellectual Property

SOPA and 3 Ways to Think about Intellectual Property video


Glenn Greenwald: Why Privacy Matters video

Big Data

Deep Learning: Intelligence from Big Data video

Assignment 4: Information Ethics

You may want to review the video, A Fair(y) Use Tale below before completing your homework for this week. 

Homework Part 1 (10pts)

DUE: Monday, August 31st at noon

Link to Homework Assignment: Copyright True or False

DIRECTIONS: Click on the link above to access the homework form. Put your name in the boxes at the top. Then, read each statement and choose either true or false. Once you have chosen an answer for all of the statements, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. You must click Submit for your answers to be recorded.

Homework Part 2

Remember to work on your final presentation over the weekend as well. We will have some time in class on Tuesday to work on the presentation (hopefully for polishing up your work), but it will not be enough time to prepare, finish, and practice your entire presentation.

If you have any questions about the homework, please contact us via email.