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Student Takeover Blog! Student Ambassador Projects

by Library News on 2022-11-16T08:58:35-08:00 | Comments

Student Ambassador Projects

Student Ambassadors at the CSUEB library create a healthy amount of resources for students, faculty, and staff to use. A lot of these resources/projects are worthwhile to check out and may end up helping you finish this semester strong. We are students like you, so we have first hand experiences like struggling to write the paper, fighting procrastination, and trying to find books to help with our research. We also love our community. We want to engage, celebrate, and educate each other about our neighbors and community members. That's why we work hard to provide you with our best work!

  • Zine: Fall 2022 Library Zine
    • Link to Zine Video!
    • Also find the Zine at the information desk and the community table on the first floor of the Core
    • Carla Coronado Rodriguez

This Zine has everything you need to know about the Core building! It was introduced with the opening of the Core, and should therefore be reintroduced as one of our first projects with our new building.

  • Adobe Express: Filipinx Heritage Month & In Person Display in Collaboration with PASA
    • Adriana Contreres, Marlene Paiz, America Quintero
    • Link to Adobe Webpage

October was FlipinX Heritage Month, and you'll notice if you walk into the Core that we have a large glass display with many archive and other materials that support, educate, and celebrate Filipinx culture and heritage. This adobe page is a virtual representation of that display with even more resources found online to celebrate Filipinx heritage month.

  • Youtube Tutorial: Finding Free Textbooks in the Course Reserves

Textbooks are extremely important in a college education. However, they are not friends with our bank accounts. That's why for certain classes, faculty collaborate with the library to provide Course Reserves in order to get information from your class textbooks for free. This is such an important resource, please check out this video to learn how to find and reserve them!

  • Youtube Tutorial: How to Book Research Consultations with Libraries

Our librarians are one of the best resources the Core can provide you with. One on one consultations can be a game changer when it comes to any type of research project. Make an appointment now and learn about other resources to help you with this wonderful youtube video!

  • Paper Flier: How to Print at CSUEB
    • Faith Neuberger

Printing at the library, and across the CSUEB campus, can be a bit confusing at times. By a bit, we mean more like finding a needle in a haystack if you're starting with no prior knowledge/experience. This flier can be found at the information desk, on our community bulletin board, and next to all of the printers in the core. In addition, this PDF version has been shared for those who would like a virtual copy instead to save the trees! 🌲

  • Adobe Express: Student Stress Busters (Past 2022 Spring Semester)
    • Marlene Paiz, Adriana Contreres, Kate Pham (Librarian)
    • Link to Webpage
    • Includes:
      • Book recommendations
      • Games
      • Relaxation techniques
      • Motivation techniques
      • And more!

This Adobe Web Page is a stress toolkit created by some amazing ambassadors who know the struggles are REAL in college! They've put together a good selection of resources to help reduce or cope with stress, especially as finals are right around the corner. A lot of these resources are provided by the CORE and are free to use! Do some self-care and treat yourself with these options!

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